Working a Day in a Care Home

In our 27 homes, the bustling routine of daily life involves providing essential care, comfort, and safety to 24 people in our smallest residence, to 94 in our largest. Each home interacts daily with our centralised office, who work hard to ensure they have the support required to keep the homes running smoothly. Many members of our office team had expressed an interest to meet the care home staff they work so closely with towards this common goal, but seldom had the chance to meet.

To help foster this deeper connection between our teams, Colleen Wood, our Director of Organisational Culture, began the ‘Work a Day in a Care Home’ initiative. This idea is rooted in B&M Care’s core principles, as established by Chairman William Hughes – shared values of hard work, positivity, and compassion.  Our centralised office team members embraced the opportunity to step into the shoes of our care home staff, with both teams experiencing the value in learning more about each other’s roles.

The initiative not only facilitated a deeper appreciation for the challenges our care staff face but also allowed for meaningful connections to be forged. The shared values of hard work, positivity, and compassion became the threads that wove a better understanding.

Beyond the professional development aspect of this initiative, working a day in a care home emerged as a wonderful opportuning for enhancing overall wellbeing. The joy that is derived from spending time with our residents left a mark on all of our office participants. It provided a firsthand understanding of the purpose that unites every role at B&M Care – delivering top-tier, person-centred care.

Feedback from our centralised team members who participated in this initiative overwhelmingly emphasised the satisfaction gained from providing care, and the formation of personal connections with staff, residents and relatives. They highlighted the meticulous attention to detail, hard work, and the warm, welcoming atmosphere cultivated by our care home teams.

These transformative experiences have further solidified the bonds between our crucial centralised support team, and the true heart of our operations. After considerable positive feedback, we will be offering this opportunity to all office staff on an annual basis.

To truly understand the value of these experiences, you can read the responses from some of our listed participants below, and learn what positions they took on for a day. Look out for stories that will be featured in full soon.

  • Yvonne Osbourne, Accounts Manager, participating as Domestic Assistant at St Lauras:“I was allocated to St Lauras to join Eme and her team for the day as Domestic and I have to say I absolutely loved the experience!  I worked alongside Sally (Housekeeper) and Emma (Domestic) for the day and although I know all of our staff work very hard in our homes, I don’t think you appreciate just how hard they work until you have experienced this for yourself.  From 8am – 4pm everything was run on a schedule, bedrooms, ensuites, bathrooms all cleaned and corridors hoovered, ensuring that anything highlighted in the daily Head of Department Meeting was also added to the list of jobs to complete that day.  You also have to factor in that there may be the occasional unexpected spillage in the dining room or crisp and popcorn crumbs in the cinema room to hoover up too!  Even in the lift, moving between floors, Sally never stopped – any fingerprints and that cloth was out! What was really lovely was that even though we were busy, Sally always had a smile and a ‘good morning’ for our residents and even took time out of her busy day to make a quick cuppa for one of our lovely ladies who prefers to stay in her room. I’m full of admiration for the team that I worked with and look forward to hopefully taking part in this initiative again next year.”
  • Rebecca Worts, HR Administrator, participating as Care Assistant at St Lauras:“Your staff made me feel so welcome and at ease, and I loved every second of working alongside the carers for the day. They work their absolute socks off and I take my hat off to them.  I was absolutely exhausted when I got home, and that was without doing the physical work on a 12-hour shift! You don’t realise that it actually affects you mentally as well, not all physical. They are fantastic! I would especially like to thank Melissa for allowing me to shadow her and also Molly and Crystal, they were all so lovely and were amazing with the residents. You can tell they love what they do. It has opened up my eyes completely to the world of care. I knew you all worked hard but didn’t realise to that extent.  But I can also see how it is such a rewarding job. I loved interacting with the residents and definitely come away with a few friends there.”
  • Helena Morete, Facilities Manager, participating as Maintenance Assistant at St Andrews:“Thank you very much for letting me spend time working with Wayne today.   I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Wayne was very welcoming and informative.  All the staff I met were caring and cheerful. Hopefully I didn’t hold up Wayne too much on what was quite a busy day.”
  • Emma Butterick, Receptionist, participating as Engagement Lead at Chesham Bois Manor
  • Lu Aljo, Sales Ledger Supervisor, participating as Engagement Lead at Chesham Bois Manor
  • Colleen Wood, Director of Organisational Culture, participating as Kitchen Assistant at St Lukes
  • Caroline Blanchflower, Sales Ledger, participating as Engagement Lead at St Lukes
  • Dayna Dowton, Facilities Administrator, participating as Engagement Lead at The Lodge
  • Trinna Bruton, Director of Finance, participating as Domestic Assistant at St Josephs
  • Steph Ellis, Sales Ledger, participating as Administrator at St Josephs
  • Rachel Rodgers, Chief Operations Officer, participating as Administrator at Templemore
  • Amy Luscombe Green, Sales Ledger, participating as Maintenance Assistant at St Matthews
  • Nicola Horwood, Credit Controller, participating as Administrator at St Lauras
  • Chris Thompson, Assistant Facilities Manager, participating as Maintenance Assistant at St Josephs