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Personalised Care Plans

From long-term residential and specialist dementia care, to respite care as a short stay solution, we are family-run and family-focused. We work within a person-centred framework to give our residents the highest standard of care, led by a dedicated team of care staff.

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What is a Care Plan?

A care plan is a document in care homes that outlines a person’s assessed health and social care needs, and describes the support and services the person will receive.

In the health and social care sector, a care plan is crucial to ensure the person receives the right level of care, and should care needs change, to reflect how the provider will adapt their service to ensure continuity of care.

Generally speaking, a care home care plan can be either paper-based or digital, and is updated at varying times throughout the day to capture and document all aspects of an individual’s health and wellbeing. Personalised care plans should be reviewed and adjusted to ensure that a person’s care needs continue to be met, especially on a long-term basis.

At B&M Care, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care, and creating in-depth care plans plays a key role in this.

An individual’s care home care plan will include:

  • What the assessed care needs are
  • What type of care and support will be provided
  • Background to personal preferences, such as likes and dislikes, as well as social and cultural interests
  • Records of care and engagement provided
  • Visits from healthcare professionals, such as a doctor or a nurse

An effective care plan helps care providers better understand an individual’s needs on a real-time basis. This personalised care plan enables us to apply best practice to the service we provide, whilst empowering a person to achieve a greater level of independence and quality of life.

Why Choose B&M Care?
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Quality Assured Care Plans at B&M Care

Each of our homes uses a digital care plan system appearing on a handheld device with an icon-driven interface, it is a unique solution for capturing information and care delivery in real-time. Since its implementation, care staff have praised its ease-of-use and the benefit of having greater control over their care time.

Additional advantages of digital care plans for staff and individuals include:

  • Instant access to information
  • The ability to monitor care effectively
  • Access to a safe and responsive service
  • The ability to plan person-centred care routines
  • The ability to record more care notes
  • The ability to make regular edits more efficiently
  • Access to each care plan for multiple staff members
  • A safe and secure information portal
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At B&M Care, we believe that those who are receiving care should be involved in any decisions regarding their care and wellbeing; this ethos is reflected in both our day-to-day practice and our care plans.

For each of our homes, a personalised care plan is a shared resource that is essentially owned by the individual using our services – it’s about them, their needs and their expectations of us as a provider. Promoting this type of involvement nurtures transparency and orientation towards the delivery of quality person-centred care, and the very start of wholesome living in one of our homes.

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To find out more about B&M Care and how we deliver effective, individualised care plans, contact us today to discuss with a member of our team.