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When you’re new to residential and dementia care there can be a lot of information to navigate. Find answers to your questions on our FAQ page, addressing everything from personalised care plans to care funding queries.

travel_explore What is a care plan?

A care plan is a document in care homes, created before you move in, that outlines your assessed health and social care needs, as well as personal preferences, and describes the support you will receive. We use a digital, fully-mobile, care plan system that captures updates and care delivery in real-time. Care plans are constantly reviewed and adjusted to ensure that your care needs are always being met.

travel_explore What is person-centred care?

All of our care is provided in a person-centred framework. This means that we take a holistic approach which prioritises individualised care, tailored to a person’s preferences. We care for our residents as unique individuals, always embracing a person’s social history and background.

travel_explore What is respite care?

Respite care is a short-stay break, where after your personalised assessment, you will receive excellent care in one of our all-inclusive homes. Respite can last for a few days, or even a few weeks depending on your needs. Many people who stay with us for respite care will have recurring visits. 

travel_explore Do you have a dedicated dementia environment?

Many of our homes feature areas that are dedicated entirely to dementia care. We create these spaces with accessibility and comfort for those living with dementia in mind, separately to our residential care environments. This allows us to provide empowering and compassionate dementia care, as per our Rose Model standard.

travel_explore What kind of activities happen in a care home?

There are many varied and personalised activities that occur every day in our care homes, all designed to provide meaningful occupation, enhancing health, wellbeing and independence. From guest performers to movie nights, or excursions to the beach or local shops – all activities are planned by our dedicated engagement teams around your individual preferences.

travel_explore How do visits work?

We welcome visitors in all of our care homes. We have an open-door policy, enabling visits at any time and we encourage family and friends to visit often. Many of our homes feature private garden cottages, built with visits in mind. Some homes may operate ‘protected meal times’ for the comfort of the residents.

travel_explore What is the admission process like?

Once an admission date has been agreed after an assessment has taken place, there will be a contract and paperwork provided to you, to be completed by you and/or your next of kin – this can be emailed or collected from the home. A care plan will then be created ready for the admission day. Admissions can be taken from the community, from hospital, or from another care setting. We will designate a key worker who will then be on hand to support your admission and get you settled in.

travel_explore How does an assessment work?

A senior member of the home care team will meet with you to assess your care needs. Your next of kin may be present. This can be conducted at your location, or at the care home, and would include recording health conditions, personal preferences and physical enablement needs.

travel_explore Can I book a trial period?

All new permanent admissions are taken on a one-month trial period, following which a review will be held with you and/or your next of kin to decide on a long-term placement.

travel_explore Can I bring my own furniture?

We are happy for you to bring your own furniture, provided it meets fire regulations. Residents are encouraged to personalise the room with familiar items. The furniture that is included in your room, if you choose not to bring your own, is a divan style profile bed, bedside table with lockable drawer, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and chair, armchair, and an over bed table.

Understanding Residential and Dementia Care

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travel_explore Do you accept local authority funded residents?
travel_explore Am I eligible for local authority funding?

You will need to undergo an assessment by your local authority to determine what kind of funding you may be eligible for.

travel_explore Will my fees stay the same?

To account for inflation and other predictable cost increases, we review our fees annually in April. The only other fee increases that may occur will be if you choose to move to a more expensive room, or if your care needs have changed, in which case we will discuss any changes to fees with you.

travel_explore What is included in my weekly fee?

Our homes are all-inclusive. This means that all dining, entertainment, laundry services, and use of facilities such as our cinemas, are included in your weekly fee at no additional cost.

travel_explore What kind of additional charges can I incur?

You may incur an additional charge for hairdressers, chiropodists, and other services that are provided by external practitioners who routinely visit our homes.

travel_explore What happens if I run out of funds?

When a person’s funds are reaching the threshold of £23,250, it is the next of kin’s responsibility to notify the Home Manager. If you have any concerns about funding, you could take specialist financial advice as there may be options that you are unaware of including the option of a Care Fees Annuity. You can find more guidance on funding your care here.

Understanding Care Funding

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