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Dementia Care

From long-term residential and specialist dementia care, to a number of short stay solutions, B&M Care works within a person-centred framework to provide individuals with the highest standard of quality care led by a dedicated team of care staff.

B&M Care's Rose Model of Dementia Care


B&M Care offers homes of excellence, and with this comes the company’s philosophy that all people should live in an environment that adopts the person-centred approach. For us, to be ‘person-centred’ means that our care homes embrace the B&M Care ‘Rose Model of Dementia Care’.

Devised to enhance current day-to-day care practice, B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care is a studies-based programme that fosters the late Tom Kitwood’s idea that a care home setting should look at an individual as a ‘whole person’ – and not their physical or cognitive capacity; and that we should celebrate that individual’s remaining abilities and emotions – and not their losses (Kitwood, 1997). Furthermore, B&M Care supports individuals in our care by looking at a person’s behaviour as a form of communication or unmet need to continue to tailor and deliver highly personalised care, engagement and an overall holistic lifestyle.

With an aim of making every moment count for a person living with a dementia, B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care advocates best practice within care through six key principles.

  • Individuality: working with families to understand a person’s life history to create a holistic care plan that values an individual for their unique qualities, rather than their ability or medical capacity.
  • Empowering: acting in the person’s best interests to encourage an individual’s autonomy, independence, and opportunity to make day-to-day decisions.
  • Engagement: learning about an individual’s past to provide bespoke care and engagement that is unique to them.
  • Flourishing: maintaining an individual’s interests to give them an identity and the confidence to retain as much control over their lives as possible.
  • Compassion: impressing dignity, respect and a sense of self-worth on an individual to better support them maintain an enabling lifestyle.
  • Wellbeing: taking into account an individual’s biographical, biological, psychological and social background to better engage them in meaningful occupation.

Furthermore, B&M Care supports each of our care homes to embed best practice in person-centred dementia care by inspiring and developing home managers to promote a culture in line with the above principles, as well as guiding our care homes to deliver bespoke training in line with the Rose Model of Dementia Care alongside B&M Care’s mandatory training programme.

'What Good Dementia Looks Like'

In line with the Rose Model of Dementia Care, B&M Care’s ‘What Good Dementia Care Looks Like’ is an informational publication that explores the model in more depth, and offers an insightful checklist on a number of useful things to do when supporting an individual living with a dementia at home.