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The Rose Model of Dementia Care

At B&M Care, our aim is to make every moment count for residents living with dementia. That’s why every member of staff in our specialist dementia care homes is trained using our unique Rose Model of Dementia Care, which advocates best practice within care for people living with dementia.

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The Rose Model’s 6 Principles of Best Practice

  • Individuality. Every person with dementia is unique. We work with families to understand a person’s life history, before creating a holistic care plan that values them for their unique and individual qualities, rather than their ability or medical capacity.
  • Empowering. We act in the person with dementia’s best interests to encourage their autonomy and independence. We always give the person living with dementia the opportunity to make day-to-day decisions for themselves.
  • Engagement. We learn about each individual’s past to understand them better, so that we can provide bespoke care and engagement that is uniquely suited to them.
  • Flourishing. We allow each individual with dementia to flourish, by supporting them to maintain their interests. This helps people to retain their identity and gives them the confidence to continue to have as much control over their lives as possible.
  • Compassion. We prioritise dignity, respect and a sense of self-worth for each person living with dementia, to better support them to maintain an enabling lifestyle.
  • Wellbeing. We take into account every individual’s biographical, biological, psychological and social background, to support their wellbeing and better engage them in meaningful occupation.
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B&M Care staff member and resident walking arm in arm

What Good Dementia Care Looks Like

Where Did the Rose Model of Dementia Care Get Its Name?

The Rose Model of Dementia Care programme derives its name from the rose in the B&M Care logo. Just as there are many different species of rose, there are over 200 types of dementia. No single rose is the same – and neither is an individual’s journey with dementia.

The Rose Model emphasises a person-centred approach to dementia care, treating each person as an individual with their own preferences and personal history, rather than just looking at their cognitive capabilities.

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At B&M Care, we are proud to be a frontrunner within the field of dementia care. The Rose Model of Dementia Care is an innovative programme that complements our commitment to delivering the highest quality of person-centred dementia care in our homes.

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