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Respite Care

From long-term residential and specialist dementia care, to a number of short stay solutions, B&M Care works within a person-centred framework to provide individuals with the highest standard of quality care led by a dedicated team of care staff.

Respite Care

What Is Respite Care?

Respite care provides support for carers through short-term respite stays for a loved one, either at home or in a residential care home. Respite care is a short-stay solution that can be planned or in the case of an emergency. Often suitable for individuals seeking support following post-operative or hospital care, or whilst their regular caregiver takes a break, respite care can also be used as a way of introducing long-term residential care to a loved one.

This option gives an individual far more flexibility when it comes to the duration of their stay, which can be anything from two weeks to two months – or even on a recurring basis. B&M Care’s respite care services ensure that all of our residents’ needs are catered for.

Types of Short-Term Respite Care

Offering the same assurance and exemplary care standards to those enjoying long-term care, B&M Care’s respite packages are specifically designed to support individuals living with both residential and dedicated dementia care needs.

  • Residential care is a term used to describe the general care and support provided to an individual living with low care needs can involve assistance with bathing, dressing, eating meals, and promoting mobility.
  • Dementia care is when an individual is living with a cognitive impairment and is experiencing symptoms such as memory loss, disorientation, and diminished perception. Dementia care accommodates an individual’s needs when residential care is no longer suitable.

Our Respite Care Programme

An individual’s respite stay starts with a personalised assessment. Typically carried out at the person’s home, both the family and the prospective resident will receive a service reflective of the care and uniqueness that B&M Care prides itself on.

Once an assessment has been carried out and the individual has started their short-stay break, they will have access to the home’s exceptional care standards, as well as its full lifestyle programme for engagement and wellbeing: a seven-day-a-week schedule where activities are meaningful, creative, and often educational.

Delivered in both a one-to-one and larger group setting, engagement is unique to those who live in the home – it’s reflective of their likes and dislikes, as well as their social and cultural interests.

Typical respite care engagement includes:

  • Art and craft initiatives
  • Music therapy workshops
  • Pet therapy classes
  • Real-time reminiscence projects

Each activity promotes active socialisation, whilst encouraging individuals to pursue a new hobby or something of interest.

As a result of our commitment to delivering meaningful occupation, individuals enjoying a respite break have often made lasting friendships with both staff and other residents. Many individuals have returned on a recurring short-stay basis, where others have instilled friendship across distance through regular calls and pen pal initiatives.

Quality Care in Exceptional Environments

Much like enjoying one of our homes stimulating lifestyle programmes, B&M Care recognises that a simple change of scenery has its benefits too.

Although different in character and style, each of our homes offers an environment underpinned by comfort and safety. From design techniques such as carefully chosen colour schemes, signposting, and immersive murals, to tasteful furnishings and luxury facilities, our environments are proven to positively impact an individual’s health and wellbeing, offering them a renewed sense of energy.

Why Choose B&M Care?

As with our long-term residential and dedicated dementia care, our respite care is unique and reflects the values and best practice set out in B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care. We endorse notions that look at the ‘whole person’ rather than just their care needs.

Based on research-led techniques and a vision that exerts emphasis on being ‘person-centred’, the model of care is embedded through staff training, living environments and day-to-day care practice – and it is what continues to define B&M Care and the group’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality care, even if only for a short stay at one of our homes.

B&M Care is here to give caregivers a well-deserved break. You can be rest assured that we will take care of your loved one, whether you are going away on holiday, have commitments that you need to attend, or just need a break. B&M Care is here to support you.

Find Out More

Contact us today to find out more about how to get short-term respite care at B&M Care. Email or telephone 0333 234 1975 and a member of the team will be happy to help.