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Nutrition & Dining

From long-term residential and specialist dementia care, to shorter respite stays, B&M Care is family-run and family-focused. We understand the importance of good, nutritious food, and our person-centred framework ensures that everyone’s needs are always catered for.

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Nutritional Needs of Older People

From unintentional weight loss to malnutrition due to changes in memory, taste perception and food preferences, poor nutritional status can lead to diminished quality of life, and in some cases, premature illness.

When a person is living with dementia the reasons for poor nutrition and hydration are multifactorial, and can vary depending on the type and severity of the dementia. However, by adopting a person-centred practice for care home nutrition, as care providers we can evoke interest and appetite to optimise an individual’s health, so their wellbeing flourishes.

B&M Care Engagement & Wellbeing

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Care Home Menus

Dining at B&M Care is varied and inclusive of all cultural, dietary and lifestyle requirements, to ensure our residents feel relaxed, comfortable and respected. Each of our homes offers a daily choice of menu options across four set mealtimes, as well as lighter snacks throughout the day, for optimal nutrition:

  • Breakfast (continental and cooked, as well as cereal, porridge and fruit options)
  • Lunch (typically a three-course sitting with two main course options)
  • Light Dinner (one main course and one dessert)
  • Supper (an assortment of light bites)

All meal options are prepared by our kitchen teams, who have extensive experience and a passion for creating wholesome cuisine, where nutrition, presentation and a personal touch are paramount.

Each of our homes’ hospitality staff are trained to understand how a person’s dementia or physical capacity can impair their ability to simply enjoy a meal. Through comprehensive training on care home nutrition, as well as our Rose Model of Care that celebrates the ‘whole person’, food is conscientiously prepared and served so that an individual can eat as independently as possible.

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At B&M Care, we help our residents to enjoy their meals by:

  • Presenting food that is pre-cut and easy to manage
  • Using colourful foods to enhance recognition and appeal
  • Using adaptive cutlery and dinnerware to assist an individual when moving food from the plate to their mouth
  • Preparing soft food using techniques such as puree food moulds to replicate the presentation of a solid food meal, if a person has a swallowing disorder such as dysphagia

We are passionate about making our residents feel truly at home, committed to diversity and learning about cultures different to our own. To help evoke desire around food, many of our homes host regular themed days to welcome an opportunity to taste another country’s cuisine. Previous tastings have included: Africa, America, India, Pakistan and Poland.

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