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B&M Care is a private residential and specialist dementia care provider with 27 exceptional care homes for the elderly in and around the Home Counties. With 50 years experience, we are family-run and family-focused, and our person-centred approach is the key to our success.

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Over the years, B&M Care has established a benchmark standard for delivering outstanding care where people are at the centre of what we do. Chairman Bill Hughes has passed his dedication for providing exceptional care to the elderly, onto the next generation – not just to his children and extended family who have joined the team, but to all the dedicated professionals who are part of the B&M Care family. This guarantees that the culture he created, where high standards, compassion, and family values are prioritised, continues to be our driving force.

Today, this culture is the reason why B&M Care comprises of people who are deeply passionate about providing the highest standards of care, with many of our excellent management team having worked with us for decades. Our Leadership Pathway ensures that we develop our future leaders, as nurturing and empowering dedicated members of the B&M Care family is an integral value embedded by the Chairman. We continue to advance B&M Care by developing new homes with thoughtful designs, building upon Bill Hughes’ original vision of delivering exceptional care within enabling environments, that also enrich the local community.

Corporate Social Responsiblity

We believe that corporate social responsibility is paramount, reflecting our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices as a prominent private care organisation and employer. We prioritise community engagement, particularly in destigmatizing and providing education on dementia, through seminars, memory cafes, and intergenerational programmes in our homes.

Our commitment to employee development is evident in initiatives like our ‘Leadership Pathway’ and recognition schemes, fostering diversity, inclusion, and continued professional development.

To ensure effective environmental and sustainability performance, we are striving to make continual improvements through a rolling programme of enhancements in our existing care homes, and we build our new homes with environmental sustainability in mind. You can learn more about how we achieve this here.

B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care

Embedded in every aspect of our homes is our unique dementia blueprint: B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care.

Devised in 2019 to enhance and standardise dementia care practice, our model of care is underpinned by a person-centred approach, impressing best practice and an aspiration to excellence through six key principles. Each principle – or ‘petal’ – develops our approach that works in partnership with those in our care to enable empowerment and wellbeing.

All members of B&M Care staff working with people living with dementia complete the Rose Model of Dementia Care programme, as part of their induction and refresher training. This is a studies-based programme that fosters vocational learning and enhanced understanding of what it means to be person-centred, and how this knowledge can be applied within their home.

With the aim to instil a highly-personalised approach that supports a bespoke standard of care, our staff members implement a multi-layered service that is unique, responsive and reflective of each resident.

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The Launch of the Virtual Dementia Tour®

As a specialist within the dementia care sector, B&M Care’s knowledge and practice extends beyond the immediacy of our homes, with an ongoing commitment to supporting and developing a dementia-friendly community in each of our respective care home locations.

As a means of sharing our knowledge and expertise, throughout the calendar year, we host a number of community events including: ‘Memory Cafes’ and coffee mornings, care fees surgeries, the group’s signature ‘Living Well with Dementia’ seminar, as well as the Second Wind Dreams® Virtual Dementia Tour®.

Launched in the UK in 2016 at Ashlyns Care Home in Berkhamsted, the Virtual Dementia Tour® offers participants hands-on insight into what it feels like to live with dementia. Curated through both evidence-based and scientifically proven research, the tour uses patented devices to alter a person’s senses while they carry out a number of everyday tasks and exercises. From this, the tour enables participants to experience for themselves the physical and cognitive challenges that a person living with moderate dementia faces.

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is also offered to all B&M Care staff to complement the group’s in-house induction and refresher training. Taking part in the tour builds on our staff’s existing knowledge, developing greater understanding around delivering exceptional person-centred care.

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With an ongoing commitment to enhancing our care practice, we are proud to be recognised as a chosen provider that makes a positive difference to the lives of those living in our care.

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