Tea With the Directors: Event

This year at B&M Care we have been running a new event – ‘Tea with The Directors.’ The idea behind this initiative is to have a platform where we can share important updates about the company, as well as listen to the valuable feedback of not just our residents and relatives, but also our staff, in person.

Colleen Wood, Director of Organisational Culture, and Lee Wood, Development & Facilities Director, organise and run each event. They have been travelling to our homes to have tea with residents and relatives, then managers and staff. Tea and lots of cake are provided for all who wish to attend.

These small events at each home offer a relaxed space where staff can express any concerns and questions, or just have a chat about B&M as a whole. Staff are welcome to discuss ideas about what they think can be improved, and most importantly, get to know the directors so we can build a strong team with shared values.

The directors meet with the relatives and residents separately, providing a space where we can offer insight into B&M Care as a company and inform about any updates that might be of interest. This is also an important opportunity for our directors to listen to the experiences of residents and relatives. The in-person feedback provides us with the opportunity to improve our service, in a personalised and thoughtful way, enabling us to take account of your needs.