Emma’s Experience as an Engagement Lead at Chesham Bois Manor

Emma Butterick, our Senior Receptionist at B&M Care’s central support office, enjoyed a day filled with laughter and heartfelt moments alongside the Chesham Bois Manor engagement team. She graciously shared her experience, and you can read her story below:

“My overriding feeling was one of awe. The manor house is astounding both inside and out. The grounds are incredible, but that is nothing compared to the absolute respect and admiration I have for the staff. Every single one of them took my breath away.

About 30 years ago I used to work in care homes, for a different care provider, during the night shift.  This was before the understanding that we now have, and the quality of care was very different to the excellent standards present today, particularly for dementia care. I know a lot has changed for the better for all care homes across the country in the last 30 years, but what struck me more than anything was the empathy and sheer love the staff at Chesham Bois Manor have for our residents. Not just your average, every day run of the mill empathy, our staff really care. I could see it in their eyes. The way they spoke to the residents was with total love.

I was shadowing Gillian, their Engagement Lead, who was so full of love for every resident, and she was clearly loved back. Her eyes when she spoke to the residents were brimming with love, bringing tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Gillian knows how to bring out the best in every resident she interacted with, regardless of their capability. Every resident has a smile for her. At lunchtime when we were in the dining room and the kitchen staff were serving the food, they all had a kind word or a touch of encouragement for the residents – the care and compassion was flowing throughout the home.

I then spent some time in Old House with Fiona, also an Engagement Lead, and it was like being on a girl’s day out. Playing games with the residents, and having a good old sing-song! The happiness that pours out of everyone at Chesham Bois Manor is addictive.

Spending the day in this home has taught me a lot about myself. Confidence is key when you work in Engagement, leading me to think that maybe I’m not as confident as I thought I was. It bought me down to earth with a bump. I have nothing but admiration for all who work in our homes and I am proud to work for them in a centralised support capacity. Doing anything I can do to make their jobs easier gives me a massive sense of achievement and wellbeing.

I am grateful for the opportunity, and it would an absolute pleasure to take on this experience again in the future.”

Emma Butterick, Senior Receptionist