B&M Care’s Engagement Lead Team Day at The Hideaway

B&M Care’s countryside retreat, The Hideaway, played host to an inspiring team day for the Engagement Leads from all 26 B&M Care homes. This annual event was organised and hosted by Ruth Webster, Head of Engagement, and Margaret Daniels, Engagement Lead Coordinator, as a way for all of our Engagement Leads and Activities Officers to gather – creating a space where ideas, plans and support can be shared.

The day kicked off with a warm welcome from Ruth and Margaret, setting the tone for a collaborative and productive gathering. The Engagement Leads were able to exchange greetings and stories, making the most of the opportunity to interact with their like-minded colleagues who all share a passion for enhancing the lives of residents.

Following the initial mingling, the group split into smaller discussion rooms to delve into three key topics. The first room discussed “The Story of Me,” an interactive memory book curated by B&M Care which was created and released this year. The Engagement Leads shared their experiences of using this valuable resource with residents in their homes. They discussed the creative ways they had utilised the book to spark conversations, stimulate memories, and strengthen the bond between residents and staff. The group also celebrated the efforts of other staff members who had embraced “The Story of Me” and witnessed its positive impact on resident engagement.

Next, the Engagement Leads delved into the second topic of the day—the Engagement Lead Training programme. Each lead shared their experiences of implementing this comprehensive training program within their care homes. They highlighted the importance of training care staff in engagement techniques and emphasised the significance of engagement coming from a ‘whole-home’ approach. Through their insightful discussions, the Engagement Leads showcased their dedication to empowering their teams with the knowledge and skills to create meaningful connections with residents.

In the third discussion group, the Engagement Leads had the opportunity to share their success stories and upcoming plans for events and activities in their respective care homes. This open forum allowed for an exchange of ideas, inspiration, and practical tips. From themed parties and creative workshops to intergenerational activities and community partnerships, the Engagement Leads unveiled a vibrant tapestry of events designed to enrich the lives of their residents throughout the year.

After the engaging discussions, everyone reconvened in the garden for a well-deserved lunch. Fish and chips, a classic British favourite, were enjoyed alongside refreshing ice cream treats. Laughter filled the air as the Engagement Leads took the opportunity to relax, and further connect.

B&M Care’s Engagement Lead Team Day proved to be a fun-filled and productive event. It provided a platform for the Engagement Leads to share their experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate on ways to enhance the quality of life for residents across all B&M Care homes. The event not only fostered a sense of unity and camaraderie among the Engagement Leads but also served as a reminder of the incredible work they do every day. Armed with fresh ideas, valuable insights, and a strengthened network of support, they were ready to continue making a positive difference in the lives of their residents.