B&M Care Presents: ‘Carer Newsletter 2022’

B&M Care is pleased to announce that the latest issue of our annual newsletter, The B&M Carer (Issue 16/ 2022), is now available to read.

Contents include:

The Golden Rose Awards 2022

We held our second Golden Rose Awards in 2022. This was a wonderful event where we celebrated our excellent staff members with awards to recognise their many accomplishments and hard work.

A Year of Engagement

There were countless wonderful engagement events and activities in 2022, as well as improvements to how we train new Engagement Leads.

Celebrating 20 Years at St Andrews Care Home

One of our oldest homes celebrated it’s 20-year anniversary, which we commemorated with a new cottage built by Chairman Bill Hughes, and a ribbon cutting ceremony. St Andrews has a rich history that spans over a hundred years before it was purchased by B&M Care in 2001.

The Hideaway – Where We Are Now

Our lovely ‘home away from a care home’ has now been open for two years, and in that time, it has developed into a beloved countryside retreat utilised by all our homes. In 2022 it begun hosting multiple homes for a more social experience.

Update on Upcoming Projects and Expansion

After a quiet two years for expansion due to the pandemic, we now have many plans in motion set for 2023 and beyond. We have also completed a host of extensions and renovations across the group.

Read the latest B&M Carer Newsletter  here.