Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that corporate social responsibility is paramount, reflecting our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices as a prominent private care organisation and employer. We prioritise community engagement, particularly in destigmatizing and providing education on dementia, through seminars, memory cafes, and intergenerational programmes in our homes. As experts in providing exceptional dementia care, we believe that it is our duty to share our knowledge with our local communities, providing support and guidance to those who are caring for their loved ones at home. All of our community events, such as the Living Well with Dementia Seminar, the Virtual Dementia Tour, the Paying for Care Webinar, and the Memory Cafes organised by our care homes, are all free of charge and open to the public.

Our commitment to employee development is evident in how we support our staff, encouraging them to succeed. We run initiatives designed to encourage professional growth and development, such as our ‘Leadership Pathway’. This ensures that team members who are passionate about care, and who excel in their roles, are given the chance to learn the skills necessary to become leaders in the care industry. Many of our Home Managers and Operations Team were graduates of this course, and we are proud that we have given them opportunities to create successful and impactful careers in care. We also provide our employees with recognition schemes, internal awards, and a multitude of benefits. To learn more about how we foster diversity, inclusion, and continued professional development at B&M Care, you can visit our careers site.

Effective environmental and sustainability performance is a priority to us, so we are striving to make continued improvements through a rolling programme of enhancements to our existing care homes. These include increasing the amount of insulation in our homes, replacing lighting and heating systems with more energy efficient components, replacing older windows with new, together with the installation of solar panels and EV charging points. In addition to this, we continue to work in close partnership with our supply chain to ensure that we are doing all we can to minimise packaging and encourage and facilitate recycling and ethical waste management practices.

We currently monitor and report our annual carbon usage through the Streamline Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) scheme, and prioritise environmental actions through the Environmental Energy Savings Scheme (ESOS). Looking ahead, our intention is to develop a more comprehensive tool to monitor our combined Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance across the company.

As well as updating our existing homes, we continue to design and build new care homes that meet energy and sustainability standards. In real terms, this means further improvements to the thermal performance of our buildings and air tightness, ensuring the design allows for more passive cooling, transitioning away from gas heating systems to electric, and the incorporation of on-site renewable energy systems.

As a company we are passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility and look forward to continuing our journey to enhance society and the environment.