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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a private organisation and a large employer, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important part of our business. B&M Care is committed to ethical and sustainable practices – meaning that we take account of the impact we have on our communities, people and environment.

Our strategy includes:

Community Engagement

As part of a blueprint that looks at addressing stigmas commonly associated with dementia, B&M Care boasts a rich strategic portfolio that uses effective engagement, such as information, events and workshops, to promote a dementia-friendly status within each of our care home locations. From ‘Living Well with Dementia Seminars’ and Memory Cafes, to an ongoing commitment to intergenerational friendship and working in partnership with schools and further education students, B&M Care prides itself on ensuring that people living with a dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their communities.

In addition to the above, B&M Care has launched a series of podcasts that further explores our ‘Rose Model of Dementia Care’. Freely available to download, each episode builds on the expertise and knowledge of key people across the Group who discuss their roles, practice and effective interventions in line with the model’s pragmatic approach to facilitating positive change within a B&M Care Home environment.


B&M Care actively encourages diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities. We promote professional development through such initiatives as our ‘Business Development Pathway’, as well as number of recognition schemes, including long service.


From liaising with suppliers to minimise packaging and increase recycling, to introducing heat management systems to ensure energy efficiency, we are committed to looking at newer, more innovative measures to continue reducing the Group’s direct impact on the environment without comprising the high standards of care and hospitality that we offer.

This Policy is endorsed by the Board of B&M Care.