What are the Benefits for People Living with Dementia in a Care Home?

It is important to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of dementia, as well as the behavioural changes that come along with this disease. When a loved one is experiencing dementia, it can be very emotional for family and friends, however this can be made easier if you understand and know how to cope with the changes. Discover some key strategies for coping with dementia behavioural changes during these challenging times

Common Changes in Behaviour

There is more than one type of dementia, and each type impacts different parts of the brain. This means that dementia is not the same for every person. The behaviours expressed can be a direct result of the type of dementia that the person is living with, but these behaviours can also be caused by the person’s needs not being met, and an inability to express what their needs are.

Some of the more common changes in behaviour are of course memory loss and confusion, but also a change in emotional control, perception, loss of inhibition, and mood swings.

Tips for Supporting a Person Living with Dementia In a Care Home and at Home

When supporting someone living with dementia, it is important to always validate what they say, and go with their reality. Always remain calm and relaxed – do not raise you voice. Correcting your loved one can cause more confusion and upset. Dementia can cause an inability to recognise and judge the position of objects and surrounding people, which inevitably leads to confusion and loss of day-to-day functioning. Adapting the space where your loved one lives, making sure objects are directly in front of them, and facing them directly when you speak will reduce confusion and accidents.

Looking after your own mental health will also help you support your loved one. Taking time out for yourself, remaining relaxed, and talking to people who are also experiencing this will help you to provide the best care.

At B&M Care we ensure that our care is always person centred, and we aim to make every moment count. This is implemented through our Rose Model – a care framework that is designed using scientific research. You can support your loved one by utilising the dementia support that B&M Care and other care home providers offer to families.

Dementia Support B&M Care Offers to Families

B&M Care believes that it is our obligation to support the communities in which our homes operate, as we have a lot of specialist knowledge about older people and those living with dementia.

If you need advice on how to best support a loved one living with dementia at home, costs of care fees, or just general support, we run many events which are free and open to the public, such as our Living Well with Dementia seminars and our Virtual Dementia Tours. These events will provide insight and understanding into the mind of a person living with dementia, and best practice in caring for those living with it.

If you are curious about our dementia care, you can contact us any time to arrange a tour or ask questions. We offer residentialdementia and respite care, in excellent, purpose built homes at 26 locations.