Top 10 Christmas Gifts for People Living with Dementia

It can be difficult to decide what the best gift is for your loved one living with dementia. Choosing the right Christmas gift requires careful consideration of your loved one’s needs and capabilities, however there are many options that can bring them joy and aid in reducing the stress that can often be present when there is a dementia diagnosis.

In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 Christmas gifts for people living with dementia, offering not just presents, but moments of connection and comfort.

A memory journal serves as a beautiful way to preserve and celebrate life experiences. Gifting a journal allows them to reminisce about cherished moments, with you or alone, promoting cognitive stimulation and emotional well-being. Consider a journal with prompts and spaces for photos to make the process more engaging.  Once put together, this journal can be very helpful in prompting memories and positive reactions.

Engaging the senses is crucial for those living with dementia. Examples of sensory stimulation items that can provide comfort and stimulate senses, include:

  • Soft blankets
  • Textured pillows
  • Textured socks
  • Soft scarves
  • Interactive storybooks
  • Scented items
  • Calming lamps

These items can evoke memories and create a calming environment, fostering a sense of security. Colour is an important consideration when choosing items, as dementia and age can cause some colours to be less noticeable, with red being the most easily seen. These would be a beneficial Christmas gift for people living with dementia.

Music has a powerful impact on individuals with dementia, often unlocking memories and emotions. Consider gifting a device that allows them to easily listen to personalised playlists. This not only provides entertainment but also supports cognitive function and emotional expression. Music therapy can be very calming, and there are many devices made to be user-friendly for someone living with dementia.

Dressing can be a challenging task for individuals with dementia. Adaptive clothing with easy closures, soft materials, and comfortable designs can simplify this daily routine, promoting independence and reducing frustration. Again, consider clothing in bright, bold colours with minimal or simple patterns. Black will not be easy for your loved one to see. This type of Christmas gift would help make life slightly easier for a person living with dementia.

Create a personalised photo album featuring pictures of family members, friends, and meaningful places. As memory fades, visual cues become increasingly important. A photo album can be a cherished item, sparking recognition and conversation. Label each picture and add notes to create an easy-to-understand guide.

Puzzles tailored to the cognitive abilities of a person living with dementia can provide mental stimulation and a sense of accomplishment.  Choose puzzles with larger pieces and clear images, making them accessible and enjoyable. Some puzzles have been specifically created for people living with dementia, so that they can use them unassisted. A great Christmas gift to help give your loved one a sense of independence and accomplishment.

Designed to provide sensory stimulation, fidget blankets feature various textures and tactile elements. These blankets can be soothing and distracting, helping to alleviate restlessness and anxiety. There are many sensory items designed for people living with dementia that aid in relieving irritability through keeping hands busy, a great choice for a Christmas gift.

Certain scents have the power to evoke memories and create a calming atmosphere, for your loved one living with dementia at Christmas. An aromatherapy diffuser with soothing scents like lavender or peppermint can enhance the living environment, promoting relaxation and emotional well-being. Choose scents you know that your loved one likes and will be familiar with, and this will help to create a calming environment for them.

Smart devices loaded with memory aids such as reminders, calendars, and voice-activated assistants can be invaluable for individuals with dementia. These devices provide support in daily activities, helping to maintain a sense of routine and independence. A reminder clock, for example, can display the date and time very clearly and be programmed with reminders for regular daily tasks.

Art therapy can be a therapeutic outlet for those with dementia. Gifting art supplies like watercolour paints, coloured pencils, and sketchbooks encourages creative expression and cognitive engagement. The best Christmas gift to accompany art supplies would be to sit with your loved one and paint or craft with them together. 

In selecting Christmas gifts for people living with dementia, the key is to prioritise simplicity, sensory engagement, and personal connection. These gifts go beyond material objects; they are a way to show love, understanding, and compassion. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with your loved one living with dementia – the most meaningful gift of all.