Everything You Need to Know About Means Testing for Residential Care

If your loved one requires support at home, the means test for care will focus on their income, savings, and assets, excluding the value of their property. This assessment helps calculate the amount they can contribute towards the care provided.

If the decision is made to move your loved one into a care home permanently, the means test will include the value of their property, alongside their income and savings. The means test will evaluate your capital, and place it in one of three categories to determine how much assistance you can receive:

  1.  If your capital is over £23,250, you are not eligible for any assistance and you will be self-funding your care fees.
  2. If your capital falls between £14,250 and 23,250, the income assessed during the means test (for example, your pension) as well as a tariff income based on your capital assessment, will be used to pay the majority of your care, and the council will pay a remainder.
  3.  Finally, if your capital is less than £14,250, you will pay towards your care home using just the income assessed in the means test, with no additional tariff, and the council will pay the rest of the fees.

To ensure a smooth financial assessment process, gather essential information about all earnings; pensions, benefits, savings, stocks, shares, and property. Don’t forget to include any disability-related expenses they have, as these are crucial considerations during the assessment.

After the financial assessment, the council will provide a written record of their decision, including the amount your loved one needs to contribute and the assistance they will receive. If they qualify for council support, they’ll receive a personal budget, which can be provided through direct payments or regular billing. We can help you understand these results and explore care funding options that align with your loved one’s needs.

The council regularly reassesses your loved one’s financial situation, usually on an annual basis, to ensure their care funding remains appropriate and aligned with their needs.

At B&M Care, we understand that exploring means testing for care can be daunting. We’re here to support you in understanding the fees and funding options for your loved ones’ care, providing unbiased factual information and guidance. Our commitment to providing exceptional care extends to helping you navigate care home fees and funding options.