Modern Slavery Statement 2022

This Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement applies to all companies within and associated to B&M Care. The organisation also incorporates a building division, Maynecol Services limited which was established in 1984. The labour supplied in the organisation is carried out only in the United Kingdom in Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire.

The social care sector is a large industry which employs people from abroad and as responsible employers we need to take whatever measures are necessary to prevent modern day slavery and human trafficking. As an organisation within this industry, we continue to be committed to driving out modern day slavery and human trafficking within our service and those companies who supply us with goods and services whenever it becomes known to us.

To ensure that we prevent modern day slavery & human trafficking:

  • The manager and senior staff are aware of the requirements of the Modern Day Slavery Act 2015, and copies of the act is on display within staff areas.
  • We will not knowingly support or deal with any business involved in slavery or human trafficking in accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.
  • We will ensure as far as practical that we take into account of the threat of modern day slavery and human trafficking in our recruitment process and appointment of staff.
  • Any member of staff found to be involved in modern day slavery or human trafficking will be subject to disciplinary procedures.
  • We ensure that we use reputable suppliers in all areas of our business.

Staff continue to be trained in identifying signs of modern-day slavery and human trafficking as part of the safeguarding training they receive and are actively encouraged to speak to management with any concerns they may have with regards to radicalisation, modern day slavery and human trafficking of colleagues, agency staff or any other visitors to the home.

For more information, please visit:

Rachel Rodgers
Operations Director

March 2022