Care Home Funding: Webinar

Care Home Funding: Webinar

Curious about the current care funding system and how it works? Join our virtual webinar on Friday, 6th September 2024, at 2:00 pm, where SOLLA Accredited Advisor, Nicky Cave, from the Eldercare Group will provide valuable insights into key aspects, including:

  • State Assistance for Self-Funders: Explore potential state assistance options, even for those who self-fund their care.
  • Status of the £86,000 ‘Lifetime Cap’: Understand the current status of the £86,000 lifetime cap on care costs.
  • Property Sale for Care Costs: Learn whether selling a property is a requirement to cover care expenses.
  • Personal Cap on Care Costs: Discover how you might be able to set your own cap on care costs. 

Eldercare Group provides specialist, jargon-free advice about long-term care home funding and, where required, a project management service for families selling a property when a relative moves into a care home.

Eldercare Group offers two core services: qualified financial advice for those looking at long-term care home funding options, provided through the team at Eldercare Solutions. Eldercare Property Partners can assist with all aspects of selling a property to move into care. Families have been benefiting from our advice and experience for over 15 years.

Join us virtually to gain valuable insights into navigating the financial aspects of care. Don’t miss this opportunity to empower yourself with knowledge. Register now for free!

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