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Virtual Dementia Tour - Watford

Event date: 23/09/2022

23 Sep
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Ever wondered what it feels like to live with a dementia?

Join B&M Care on Friday 23rd September at Montrose Care Home in Watford for Second Wind Dreams® Virtual Dementia Tour®.

Available Tours: 09:30am, 12pm and 2:30pm (each tour lasts approximately two hours)

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is a free-of-charge experience.

About This Event

Presented in partnership with Training 2 Care, the Virtual Dementia Tour® is a scientifically-proven method that offers an individual the opportunity to experience what it would feel like to live with moderate needs dementia.

Looking from the individual’s point-of-view, the Tour builds bridges between a family member and the person living with a dementia, increasing confidence and positive outcomes when providing care. The Tour is perfect for those caring for a friend, parent or another loved one at home, or for anyone else directly affected by dementia.

After The Virtual Dementia Tour®, you will:

  • Have experienced the physical and cognitive challenges of dementia
  • Understand more about dementia and how a dementia can affect a person
  • Learn how to provide person-centred care at home
  • Receive first class support and advice

About The Virtual Dementia Tour®

 Born out of research carried out by P.K. Beville, M.S. - a specialist in geriatrics and founder of American charity Second Wind Dreams® - the Virtual Dementia Tour® was launched in the UK in 2016 at B&M Care’s Ashlyns Care Home in Berkhamsted in partnership with Training 2 Care. With a primary aim of enabling participants to experience for themselves the physical and cognitive challenges that an individual living with a dementia faces, the tour uses patented devices to alter a person’s senses to then complete a series of common everyday tasks and exercises.

At present, the Virtual Dementia Tour® is taken by over 200,000 in the UK every year and has been commissioned as benchmark training by over 18 NHS Trusts, 4 HSE Trusts, police and ambulance services, CQC, and of course, social care settings, including care and nursing homes.

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is undertaken by every B&M Care staff member as part of their induction training.

On The Day

You will be required to wear a face covering.

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