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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, B&M Care has been met with unprecedented challenges, but difficult circumstances have led to pockets of excellence across all areas of the business.



B&M Care has now successfully completed the first phase of the group's Covid-19 vaccination rollout, with all 26 care homes having been administered the first dose of the vaccine.

Re-visits will be coordinated to vaccinate individuals who were unable to receive the first dose of the vaccine when the initial rollout within a home took place.

Phase 2 of the rollout will commence in-line with local authority guidelines.

The global introduction of approved coronavirus vaccines has been welcomed by a burst of optimism: a pivotal moment that looks set to best protecting our future.

In response to government guidelines, individuals living in a care home setting are a “top priority” for receiving the Covid-19 vaccination, in addition to those who administer their care.

Since the end of December, B&M Care began to roll out vaccines across the group with residents being vaccinated in their respective care homes. Staff are being vaccinated in either the home that they work in, or alternatively, at a local community vaccination hub.

Within two to three weeks of receiving the vaccine, individuals should have a significant degree of immunity to the virus.

B&M Care has not documented any significant adverse side effects.

In addition to the roll out of vaccinations, each B&M Care Home will continue to test residents on a monthly basis using PCR testing. Staff will continue to be tested weekly using PCR testing, as well as twice a week using Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test kits.

Should a resident or member of staff test positive using either test kit, additional testing is undertaken.

B&M Care's vaccination rollout is being delivered as part of the group's wider Infection Control response.