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Covid-19 Response

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, B&M Care has been met with unprecedented challenges, but difficult circumstances have led to pockets of excellence across all areas of the business.


Initial responses to outbreaks such as the Covid-19 coronavirus can often be characterised by confusion and chaos, and although mobilising assistance is critical, the window of opportunity to respond effectively closes rapidly. Navigating through an outbreak of this nature presents difficult challenges, which can be exacerbated by an absence of clear guidance and a need to adapt at pace; but for many organisations, an agonising sense of responsibility has led to developing internal protocols that meet the unprecedented demands set out by the pandemic.

For B&M Care, the first provision made in response to Covid-19 was to ‘cocoon’ each of our homes almost two weeks before the national lockdown in March. A Covid-19 Response Team was then formed to produce a strategy that, in line with guidelines set out by the government, facilitated policies and protocols around themes such as compliance, infection control, personal protective equipment (PPE), testing, and most importantly, the welfare of both staff and residents.

Below is B&M Care’s Covid-19 Response that outlines a summary of what has been implemented to date (13th July 2020), and what the group continues to do to provide a safe and meaningful environment for those in our care.