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Walk For Wellbeing: Mile-O-Meter Update (II)

Published date: 17/08/2021 10:00


B&M Care ‘strides’ towards target goal…

Running simultaneously to B&M Care’s Memory Capsule Relay is the group’s Walk For Wellbeing challenge.

Running for four weeks until Friday 3rd September, B&M Care has set staff, residents, and their family and friends the task of collectively stepping towards a goal of completing 3,280 miles – and our total, as displayed below on our mile-o-meter dashboard, is now 2,724 miles.

Steps and mileage can be completed individually or, in the case of our homes, as a part of an organised event – and can be counted from a number of accessible activities including:

  • Walking
  • Jogging & Running
  • Cycling
  • Indoor or Outdoor Sports
  • Dancing
  • Chair-Based Exercises
  • And even through exer-gaming, such as the Wii Fit

In addition to the above, B&M Care Head Office in Hemel Hempstead has organised a weekly walking club, and is set to play host to an on-site Olympic Games tournament – think ‘eggs and spoons’ and a three-legged race.

The goal of 3,280 miles was calculated based on the distance between each of our 26 care homes, including the group’s Head Office, and then multiplied by 10 to set the group a challenging ‘finish line’ goal.

Aside from the obvious health and social benefits that simply getting out-and-about brings, B&M Care is using the initiative to raise valuable funds for the UK’s leading dementia charity, Alzheimer’s Society. The group has now exceeded its target having fundraised 120% of our goal.

Steps To Reconnect and Memory Capsule Relay

B&M Care’s Walk For Wellbeing challenge and the Memory Capsule Relay forms part of a wider initiative, titled Steps To Reconnect. With an aim of tentatively reconnecting our family network of care homes, Steps To Reconnect looks at offsetting the “year like no other” with two challenges that continue to diminish distance and unite the group as a whole.

The start of the Memory Capsule Relay was officiated at Templemore Care Home in Northampton where B&M Care Chairman Bill Hughes presented the home with a trunk that will be transported around each of our 26 care homes to collect a historic cache of items and information that will later form part of a pandemic time capsule which will be buried at the group’s Memorial Garden adjacent to Ashlyns Care Home in Berkhamsted.

The relay has now reached the half-way mark – and a further five destinations!

View our relay progress here.

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