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Tremona Presents: George and the Dragon

Published date: 23/04/2021 14:41

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Recognised annually on the anniversary of St George’s death, St George’s Day was previously a national holiday and was once celebrated as widely as Christmas. And although recent decades have seen the patron saint’s Celtic counterparts be commemorated more prolifically, the story of St George, along with his dedication to faith and resilience, remains a pertinent message of hope and heroism.

Falling on Friday 23rd April, this year’s event, like so many others, is tinged with difference in-line with the UK’s ‘roadmap’ restrictions, but many communities both locally and internationally – after-all he was a patron saint of other countries such as Spain, Croatia and Bulgaria – will continue to fly the flag and host a number of symbolic festivities on their respective days.

One such community is Tremona Care Home in Watford who, as part of the home’s day-long pomp and fanfare, hosted its annual re-telling of St George’s ‘dragon-slaying’ quest – one where, according to legend, St George fought a ferocious reptile to save a princess in the town of Silene. Albeit most likely a myth, staff and residents captured the essence of St George’s cultural nobility through script, costume, and a little humour.

Filmed by Engagement Lead Margaret and co-produced alongside volunteer Sue, casting was as follows:

St George – Margaret (Volunteer)

Damsel – Jan (Resident)

Dragon – Beryl (Resident)

In addition to the film’s leading ladies, the rest of the home collectively played the town’s people who provided the ‘oohs’, ‘aahs’ and cheers when George bravely fought – and won! – his battle.
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