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Templemore Presents: Jerusalema Dance Challenge

Published date: 18/02/2021 15:05


A song that topped the South African music charts in 2019 has sparked a global dance trend with many taking to social media to perform a dance reel coined the ‘Jerusalema Dance Challenge’.

Garnering over 340 million views on YouTube [18th February 2021], ‘Jerusalema’ - a gospel-influenced house song performed by singer-songwriter Nomcebo Zikode - was first used by a group of friends in Angola, South Africa who, with their simple choreography, inspired millions around the world to copy the now tutored routine – and none more so than Templemore Care Home in Northampton.

Filmed entirely by staff who, alongside residents and the home’s management team, confidently accepted the challenge and danced their way around the home.

“It was so much fun making this video: a viral song that went viral in our home – we were addicted,” said Inese Lochmele, Templemore Care Home Engagement Lead.

She continued: “By combining our love of music, dance and culture with a sense of simply being together really shines through in the video. Now, we look forward to another B&M Care Home accepting the challenge.”


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