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Templemore Care Home Attends Remembrance Service To Honour Pandemic Care Staff

Published date: 21/03/2022 09:51


Coinciding with Social Care Day of Remembrance and Reflection, Thursday 17th March saw Templemore Care Home in Northampton attend a community remembrance service to collectively thank those in the care sector who have worked throughout the pandemic.

Held in Northampton’s Abington Park, the service – led by West and North Northamptonshire Councils – was attended by over 60 people, including children, care staff, and care home residents.

Following speeches by each respective council, attendees were invited to lay down tulips before singing ‘In My Life’ by The Beatles – an autobiographical song written by John Lennon after the passing of early Beatle, Stu Sutcliffe.

The service was organised by Tracey Davidson who during the pandemic, worked in a care home after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. Now working for West Northamptonshire Council, Tracey told the BBC: “I've heard so many stories of staff who gave up their children's birthdays because they went into care homes as they wanted to keep their care home's residents safe, they were their families.

"It was really tough but people have really pulled together, I am so proud of our providers."

Due to her cancer treatment, her manager told her she was classed as "vulnerable", but she said it didn't stop her working: "I was always going to be working…we needed to be at work, we needed to be supportive, it was business as usual.”

Aside from those actively working in the care sector, the service was also an opportunity for many to contemplate and reflect on the lasting impact of the past two years, including those who have passed.

Reflecting on the service, Tracey was “so proud” of everyone who had “pulled together”.

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