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St Matthews Enters Virtual 'Open Garden' Show

Published date: 10/07/2020 09:44

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Redbourn’s ‘In Bloom’ garden competition is an annual campaign that encourages the Hertfordshire village to develop a green space that inspires, involves, and helps those that live there get the very best out of their surroundings – but in light of the pandemic, this year’s proceedings were moved online as part of a virtual ‘open garden’ showcase.

Presented in the form of a 48-minute compilation, St Matthews on Chequer Lane was among over thirty five other entries to present its innovative outdoor living space.

Following months of renovation, earlier this year saw St Matthews officiate a sensory garden characterised by a number of holistic features that have since positively impacted the health and wellbeing of those that live in each of the home’s four environments.

At 37:55, the virtual showcase tours the home’s extensive breadth with a focus on the bloom and bedding curated throughout each of the garden’s themed areas – most notably, an upcycle project, titled ‘Taking the Inside Out’: a resident-led initiative that offset previous occupation that ‘brought the outside in’ by reconditioning furniture and travel cases into unique floral displays.

"Although we were saddened to hear that this year's 'In Bloom' competition had been postponed, we were delighted to be told that we could participate in a virtual way - and to finally show off our newly-transformed green space," said St Matthews Care Home Engagement Lead, Annette Medhurst.

Throughout the tour, the home’s newest installation can be seen – Rosa’s Retreat. Hand-built by B&M Care Chairman Bill Hughes, the quintessential outpost references a ‘crofters design’ commonly seen throughout Ireland; one that is framed with thatched roofing and a white picket fence to offer residents an opportunity to ‘step back into tradition’.


St Matthews has won a ‘Redbourn in Bloom’ category award for the past four consecutive years and will re-enter in 2021.

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