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St Brendans & Wellington College: 'Global Citizen Project'

Published date: 01/10/2019 11:05


St Brendans Care Home in Crowthorne has been featured in an insightful short film that documents Wellington College’s ‘Global Citizen Project’: an outreach programme that currently involves 500 of the school’s pupils with 63 different weekly community-specific activities.

From classroom-based teaching to hosting digital workshops that stimulate altruistic friendship with overseas students, the second part of the film celebrates the school’s commitment to delivering intergenerational occupation within the Sandhurst Road care home – and further explores how this mutually beneficial engagement positively impacts both ‘book end generations’. 

Reflecting on the school’s visit featured in the video, one resident commented: “When we were throwing the balloons up in the air, we felt as though we were young again – I did!”

She continued: “I really enjoyed this afternoon; one of the happiest afternoons I’ve had for a long time. I do hope they come back again.”

Wellington College’s visits to St Brendans work alongside B&M Care’s company-wide commitment to using ‘non-familial interactions’ as an effective intervention to promote real-time reminiscence, and document observational changes in a person’s ability, capacity and overall sense of wellbeing.
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