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St Andrews Headlines 'Frontline' Magazine

Published date: 10/07/2019 16:20


St Andrews Assistant Manager Jeanette Bussey has been profiled in the July edition of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy magazine - ‘Frontline’ - for her commitment to raising physiotherapy awareness within the Welwyn care home and reducing the overall number of falls.

Presented as a “visible impact” success study, the article celebrates Jeanette’s efforts in revolutionising her day-to-day care practice by adopting a positive risk-taking approach that has since observed significant improvements in an individual’s confidence when moving around the home.

Speaking to Frontline, Jeanette explained: “I’m well aware that, while I can’t do physiotherapy assessments or prescribe exercise programmes, I now have the knowledge to spot early signs of deterioration in a client that I can flag up to the appropriate health professional.”

She continued: “I’m amazed – and so are my colleagues – at the impact [that this approach] has had on our residents’ motivation and quality of life.”

Having worked at St Andrews for 11 years, Jeanette looked to the Hertfordshire Care Providers Association (HCPA) to further support her ambition of putting theory into practice; ultimately encouraging her to enrol on – and successfully graduate – two of the organisation’s complex care pathway training programmes: ‘Falls Champion’ and ‘Physio Support Facilitator’.

Each ‘gateway course’ equipped Jeanette with essential knowledge and a better understanding of putting into practice the principles of enablement and posture management, cultivating continued success when optimising physiotherapy expertise within the home.

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