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Pride at Tremona

Published date: 30/06/2020 13:55

For the third consecutive year, Tremona in Watford celebrated Pride as part of Global Pride Day on Saturday 27th June.

As an advocate for acceptance, identity, and inclusion, the home took the opportunity to offset prejudice – and the pandemic – with Pride’s spirit of solidarity and echo the LGBTQ community’s remarkable resilience with a programme that traced the movement’s radical history through sound, song, and conversational craft.

Inspired by a resident telling the home that “it’s important to be happy – whoever you are”, Tremona officiated the home’s handmade ‘Rainbow Tree of Understanding’: a poignant display that encouraged staff and residents to talk around notable gay personalities, including those affiliated with the series of Stonewall riots that led to the uprising of modern LGBT rights.

“It’s an opportunity to have fun and stimulate learning and awareness about what Pride is, what it stands for, and how it has liberated many communities around the world,” said Tremona Care Home Engagement Lead, Margaret Daniels.

She continued: “It’s a turbulent time at the moment, and we at Tremona believe, that the more something is discussed and better understood, the more tolerant and accepting we become of it.”

The ‘Rainbow Tree of Understanding’ will be displayed in one of the home’s living spaces to encourage future conversation around topical themes.

Pride at Tremona is now an annual custom that falls in line with B&M Care’s Equality and Diversity policy.
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