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Pride Month at B&M Care

Published date: 09/06/2022 13:39

From increasing inclusivity to promoting a diverse workplace that fosters culture, equality, and above all, self-identity, B&M Care is using this year's observance of Pride Month to spotlight the group's continued affinity to employee-and resident-led inclusion and visibility.

Primarily observed to commemorate the historic uprising of LGBTQ+ rights, Pride Month at B&M Care is an opportunity to celebrate the group’s consistent year-round action in advocating for diversity across all facets of the group.

Irrespective of an individual’s gender, age, ethnic or national origin, religion, disability, gender reassignment, or sexual orientation/identity, B&M Care continues to demonstrate an explicit correlation between respect and diversity – a value that, for staff, instils a workplace culture that profiles prosper and fairness, and for those in our care, an environment that is safe, meaningful, and flourishes positive outcomes.

To-date, people remain at the pulse of what we do – and their collective voice, awareness, and above all, pride of identity, continues to play an integral role in the group’s long-standing success.
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