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'Paying For Care - The Facts' Webinar

Published date: 05/10/2020 15:58

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Long term care is a very broad term, covering everything from rehabilitative placements to round-the-clock dementia care; and depending on what type of care is needed, the financial picture can change.

From financial assessments and local authority funding, to assets, top-ups, and annuity plans, for those who haven’t encountered this system before, it can be extremely complicated. But to provide you with a better understanding around the options available when considering long term for a loved one, Wednesday 30th September saw B&M Care host a webinar, titled ‘Paying for Care – The Facts’.

Introduced by B&M Care’s Head of Sales & Marketing Angela Hunt, and presented by SOLLA Accredited Care Funding Specialist Nicky Cave from Eldercare Group, the 34-minute talk primarily discussed how the care funding system works, as well as:

  • What State assistance might be available even for self-funders
  • Whether a property HAS to be sold
  • How you might be able to put your own cap on case costs
  • How care fees annuity plans are guaranteed incomes to fund long term care

“Care fees planning is admittedly a minefield if you haven’t looked into it before, and what this webinar set out to do was to address the mistruths that surround the care fees system,” said Angela Hunt.

She continued: “As outlined throughout the webinar, there are a number of viable options to fund care for a loved one – and it doesn’t always come down to the selling of assets. What Nicky expertly does is highlight key terms and solutions for your consideration moving forward.”

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