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Jamie Cullum Performs Socially-Distanced Show at White Plains

Published date: 11/12/2020 13:53

Thursday 10th December saw BBC One’s The One Show broadcast jazz-pop singer Jamie Cullum’s socially-distanced ‘One Big Christmas’ performance at B&M Care’s White Plains Care Home in Denham.

Introduced by The One Show presenter Alex Jones, residents enjoyed a sequence of surprise video messages from their friends and loved ones, before drawing the curtains to find Jamie and his band in the home’s outdoor living space.

Played against a backdrop of light and decoration, Jamie sung his new Christmas song “Hang Your Lights”; whilst inside the home, staff were equipped with handheld cameras to capture the sheer joy – and dancing – throughout the performance.

“Residents and staff loved every minute of it – what an honour, Jamie Cullum coming to our home,” said White Plains Home Manager Philomena Byrne on the programme.

One Big Christmas was presented as a way of appreciating the tireless contributions made by the entire social care sector – and not just White Plains as a representative of B&M Care. In addition, the segment challenged the misconceptions of care homes being coined quiet or dis-engaging - especially in light of the pandemic and restrictions on visits – by instead celebrating them as hubs of happiness where meaningful occupation, wellbeing, and more specifically music, are key themes when approaching person-centred care practice.

Comments on social media [The One Show: Facebook Page] reiterated the segment’s sincerity: “What a wonderful care home”; “[a] wonderfully heart-warming feature”; “moved me to tears”; and “such a lovely and wonderful thing to do”.

In line with B&M Care’s infection control protocols, staff from the BBC, as well as Jamie Cullum, remained outside during the entire filming process, respectfully adhering to social distance and PPE requirements. Filming was carried out from a dual perspective, with all internal filming managed by staff using both handheld and fixed cameras.

View the full segment of The One Show episode (Thursday 10th December) here.

Photo Credit: Getty
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