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International Women's Day 2022

Published date: 08/03/2022 08:08

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With clear evidence suggesting that gender equality leads to better business, for years, working practices have been overhauled to address gender inequality in the workplace. And whilst visual and verbal communication is one way to bring gender dynamics to the surface, targeted awareness towards cultivating more inclusive organisations is key.

One such campaign is International Women’s Day (IWD). Observed annually on 8th March, IWD is a global day that observes the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. With a primary aim of forging women’s equality in a world free of stereotypes and discrimination, this year’s theme is ‘Break The Bias’; a mission that aims to empower, elevate and encourage workplaces where women thrive.

In celebration of the above, B&M Care is using the day to reflect on and champion the group as a workplace of choice where individuals can bring their whole selves and feel a sense of belonging – and none more so than for our female workforce. Since the group’s inception in 1975, B&M Care has worked tirelessly to increase the visibility and recognition of women, and now, 47 years on, we are proud of the significant role they play throughout the group.

 Twenty-five out of the group’s twenty-six care homes are managed by women, with all four of the group’s Operations Managers having been promoted from their role as Home Manager. All four Operations Managers are women. Our care staff population continues to make up the largest proportion of female-led roles – 87%.

Understanding that positive and visible role models make a difference, B&M Care Head Office operates with a total of 57 members of staff – 44 of which are women. In addition, women currently make up 72% of B&M Care’s senior management team: four out of seven are directors and all Heads of Departments are female.

“I am very proud to work for an organisation with strong female representation at every level,” said Colleen Wood, B&M Care’s Director of Organisational Culture. “We value the contribution of every member of staff we employ, regardless of their gender, race or any other characteristic. I hope anyone starting work for B&M Care today can look to the Senior Leadership Team of the company and find inspiration and role models there.”

Looking ahead, B&M Care will continue to recognise the barriers and solutions to reducing the gap between gender and other minority groups to leverage their skills to flourish a prosperous and empowering career at B&M Care.
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