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International Dance Day 2021

Published date: 29/04/2021 15:00


Earmarked as a celebration for anyone who attaches value and importance to music and movement, Thursday 29th April marks UNESCO’s annual International Dance Day.

Founded in 1982 by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute (ITI) – the world’s largest organisation for the performing arts – the occasion has since garnered worldwide appeal, with many using the day to unite across distance and use dance to endorse culture, diversity, and an overall appreciation for dance and movement.

Historically, International Dance Day reserves 24 hours for a spectrum of dance-led events and festivals, but in-line with the Government’s ‘roadmap’ restrictions, this year’s celebrations are somewhat muted – but B&M Care still found a way to commemorate the day.

Coined as “one of the best pop songs ever written”, a number of our homes captured staff and residents singing and dancing to ABBA’s ‘Dancing Queen’: a song whose lyrics – think “You can dance/You can jive…” – instils a group-wide commitment to using music and dance for a greater good.

Such song and movement therapies are underpinned by inclusivity – after-all anyone can sing or dance. From engaging the senses, to tapping into a person’s individuality, this type of engagement is wholesome, meaningful, and offers individuals the opportunity to be truly present, flourishing positive outcomes in communication, coordination, and above all, cognition.

"Music continues to bring life into our homes - and the aim of International Dance Day does just that," said B&M Care's Engagement Lead Coordinator Margaret Daniels.

She continued: "ABBA's 'Dancing Queen' encapsulates the joy that music and dance can offer - and what's more, it's accessible. Regardless of how well you can sing or dance, everyone enjoys it!"

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