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How does respite care support the family member?

Published date: 15/09/2023 13:15

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Respite care supports family members by providing what can truly be a well needed break, as caring for a loved one who needs your full time emotional and physical support can have an impact on mental health over time. Often, a respite stay at a care home can re-energise both you and your loved one mentally and physically. You will be able to provide even better care and support to your loved one when they return.

What is the purpose of respite care?    

One of the purposes of respite care is to provide temporary relief and support to primary caregivers, allowing them to take a break and attend to their own well-being. Respite also offers an opportunity for your loved one to socialise, engage in specialist activities and excursions, or recover in a professional care setting after receiving medical treatment. Your loved one will have access to 24/7 help and support with any and all care needs that they may have.

This can also be an important first step in your loved one moving into permanent care. A respite stay can be instrumental in convincing both them, and yourself, that this may be a necessary and positive option, particularly after a dementia diagnosis. Permanent care can offer your loved one more independence and freedom as having their immediate care needs met by professionals will alleviate stress and empower them.

Why is respite so important for carers?    

Family caregivers work very hard to provide care to their loved ones, and over time as care needs progress, this can become increasingly more challenging. It is not easy to provide intimate care to loved ones, and this puts pressure on your relationships and on the mental health of the carer and the person who needs care.

Respite care allows a break, knowing that your loved one is living in a safe, secure haven where their every care need is met by a trained team of professional and friendly staff.     

Below are some of the key reasons on why respite care is important for carers:

Prevents Burnout: Taking breaks through respite care helps to prevent burnout, reducing emotional and physical exhaustion from constant caregiving responsibilities.

Reduces Stress: Respite care provides caregivers with time to relax, unwind, and focus on their own mental and physical well-being, ultimately reducing stress levels.

Enhances Quality of Care: Caregivers who are well-rested can provide higher quality care to their loved ones, as they are more patient, attentive, and emotionally available.

Maintains Personal Identity: Respite care allows caregivers to maintain their personal interests, hobbies, and social connections, preventing them from feeling isolated and preserving their sense of self.

Strengthens Relationships: Taking breaks through respite care can lead to improved relationships with the care recipient, as caregivers return refreshed and better able to engage positively in their caregiving role.

What is Provided During a Respite Stay

During a respite stay your loved one’s intimate and general care needs will be met on a 24/7 basis by highly trained staff. This includes washing, dressing and eating. All medication will be provided on time and kept track of by professional staff. Depending on the care home provider you choose, your loved one will have their own bedroom and bathroom, as well as multiple communal lounges, cinemas, dining rooms. Garden space is always provided, as well as hair and beauty salons. Three cooked meals are provided every day, with the choice to eat in your room or in the dining room. Snacks, tea, coffee and other beverages are provided upon request as well as any specific requests your loved one may have.

A dedicated team of engagement and activities officers will ensure that your loved one is never bored or lonely. Multiple activities, based on your loved one’s preferences, are provided throughout the week which will give them ample opportunity to socialise. Your loved one will not lose independence, as frequent outings out of the care home are encouraged, and supervision provided if necessary.

Booking a Respite Stay in a B&M Care Home

B&M Care is a family run, family focused care home provider. We are able to offer      respite stays at each of our homes, where person-centred, expert care is provided 24/7. A respite stay with us is all-inclusive, and we will prioritise your loved ones needs, as well as yours.

If you’re interested in learning more about our respite care, or have any other enquiries, please contact our friendly team

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