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Covid-19 Vaccinations: Engaging BAME Communities

Published date: 01/02/2021 14:51

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Whilst the UK’s efforts to roll out the Covid-19 vaccination continues to intensify, new polling commissioned by the Royal Society for Public Health [ January 2021] has revealed that 43% of respondents from black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) communities expressed hesitancy around receiving the vaccine – with black ethnic groups (72%) being the most ‘unlikely’ to consider the vaccination [SAGE: January 2021].

Despite evidence that those in minority groups were hit hardest by the first wave of Covid-19 last spring, vaccination uptake rates among BAME communities still remain markedly lower than other social demographics – and now having successfully completed the first phase of the group’s vaccination rollout, B&M Care has since documented similar disparities among staff and their respective backgrounds.

“These figures are astonishing – and having recently had my vaccination, I want to explicitly encourage BAME communities to consider receiving the Covid-19 vaccine,” said Veronica Avwenake (pictured), Greenhill Care Home Manager.

She continued: “I feel that part of the problem lies with the misinformation that continues to circulate around both the virus and the vaccinations. The approved vaccines are safe: they have been trialed and they will protect those most vulnerable to the virus.”

NHS England officials have since encouraged GPs at a primary care webinar [20th January] to use their relationships with patients and the wider community to share accurate information about the vaccination and strengthen uptake among all social groups. Recent weeks have also seen recognisable personalities stand-by government officials to dispel the harmful misconceptions being shared about the vaccination.

In-line with the above response, and as the group moves into the second phase of its vaccination rollout, B&M Care is committed to positively engaging staff that represent BAME communities to reassure them about the efficacy and safety of the vaccination. Inclusivity will remain a key theme to continue provisioning the health, safety and wellbeing of those who live and work in each of our homes.

Watch: Dr Amir Khan

The Department of Health & Social Care has published a video hosted by Dr Amir Khan: a NHS doctor who identifies as Muslim and explains how the Covid-19 vaccination is suitable for all faith groups.

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