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Care Staff: Why I Said 'Yes' To The Vaccine (II)

Published date: 17/02/2021 12:33

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Whilst Covid-19 vaccination uptake rates remain higher than expected [SAGE; February 2021], disparity among care staff, despite being in the same high-priority band as care home residents, has been coined ‘a glaring issue’.

As a way of challenging both care staff hesitancy and the stream of misleading content that continues to pervade social media, B&M Care officiated a campaign to share the experiences of those in our homes that have received the vaccine and how they now advocate for others to do the same.

The second part of B&M Care’s “Why I Said “Yes” To The Vaccine” takes us to Tara’s Retreat Care Home in Sandridge to hear about Engagement Lead Alex Frame’s skepticism when considering the vaccination:

For weeks I have declined the Covid-19 vaccination. But since reading through the information sent to all B&M Care staff from Head Office, as well as speaking to a resident’s daughter who is a GP, this helped to answer all of my questions.

I am happy to say that all of the factual information provided made me change my mind, but not only mine. This inspired me to communicate these facts to my cousin and daughter Ellie (18) who both work at Tara’s Retreat.

All I can do is urge anyone who has concerns or worries about receiving the vaccine to speak to a healthcare professional – if not, source factually correct information from approved and reputable websites. Please don’t take any notice of what is circulating on social media, or be influenced by other people’s hesitancy.

Fact checking remains a crucial attribute to the vaccination rollout.

Vaccine Information

Please visit our dedicated Covid-19 vaccination section to find out more about B&M Care’s vaccination rollout programme, additional testing, how the group is promoting inclusivity for those of BAME background, and our vaccine information & FAQ pack.

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