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Care Staff: Why I Said 'Yes' To The Vaccine (I)

Published date: 05/02/2021 09:34

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Widely acknowledged as a critical part of the overall coronavirus ‘care machine’, social care workers are one of the respective keyworker groups that are at constant and increased risk of being exposed to Covid-19. But at a time when those who meet the priority group 1, 2 and 3 criteria are celebrating the opportunity to receive the vaccination, evidence continues to suggest the markedly low uptake rates among care staff.

As a way of challenging the above, and dispelling the stream of speculative claims that continue to spread across social media and other communication platforms, B&M Care has officiated a campaign that shares the experience of those who have received the vaccine and how they now advocate for others to do the same.

From misinformation to being of BAME background, Clare Lodge Care Home Manager Jessica Callum is the first to share the reasoning behind her saying “yes” to the vaccine:

My initial thought about having the vaccination was an instant: “I’m not having it”. My reasons being were because I am of childbearing age and I am part of the BAME ethnicity group where I am classed as a high risk category.

I was absorbed by the false, scaremongering information that is targeting my age group: “being young” was met with comments that I “may not be able to have children”. This was a particularly daunting thought, but after listening to trustworthy information that covered real facts – coupled with endless research - I was far more reassured to have the vaccine than not to have it.

Without the vaccination, it opened my eyes that Covid alone would potentially cause me more harm. This is why I decided to make the sensible decision and protect myself by having the vaccine.

Since having the vaccination I feel reassured, it has given me a positive mindset because I am in a better position to fight off the virus.

I am looking forward to receiving my second dose of the vaccination. I will still be mindful of what I am doing and who I am seeing – but by having both doses, it gives me hope that this will all end soon.

Vaccine Information

Please visit our dedicated Covid-19 vaccination section to find out more about B&M Care’s vaccination rollout programme, additional testing, how the group is promoting inclusivity for those of BAME background, and our vaccine information & FAQ pack.

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