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B&M Care's Wellbeing Roadshow

Published date: 11/05/2021 15:27

B&M Roadshow September 20202.jpg

Presented in-line with the recent launch of our Staff Wellbeing Support Line, B&M Care is delighted to announce the start of the group’s Care Home Wellbeing Roadshow.

Similar to that of last year’s Rainbow Roadshow – an initiative that instilled conversation and understanding in staff around the group’s response to the pandemic - this unique programme will once again visit each of our 26 care homes, but on this occasion, target the health and wellbeing of our frontline staff whose tireless commitment to the past year has been unprecedented.

Delivered by B&M Care’s Head of HR Emma Norris and Operations Manager Sue Jarvis, each care home visit is characterised by a drop-in session where staff are invited to:

  • Seek advice
  • Discuss concerns (either personal or work-specific)
  • Talk about their experiences throughout the pandemic
  • Take away on-hand resources that signpost positive wellbeing

“With similar intentions to that of our Wellbeing Support Line, this group-wide roadshow is another concept developed specifically for the people at the heart of our business,” said Emma Norris.

She continued: “Facilitated through a safe, welcoming space that reaps the benefits of face-to-face interactions, so far, staff have been truly engaged with our support and ‘listening ear’. And by having meaningful conversations, we not only learn more about those in our homes, but are able to identify what we as a group can do to further and better support them on an individual level.”

So far [May 2021], the Wellbeing Roadshow has visited 10 of our care homes and will continue to be rolled out throughout the spring to provide a session to all remaining staff.

Sue Jarvis concluded: “It is a truly fantastic experience – one that, through conversation and sharing experiences, has really brought people together and reignited this sense of morale and connectedness. What our frontline staff have done and continue to do is exceptional – they should be so proud of themselves.”

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