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B&M Care's Rainbow Roadshow

Published date: 16/09/2020 12:35

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Throughout August, B&M Care’s Operations, Training and Health & Safety teams visited each of our 26 care home locations to deliver the group’s Rainbow Roadshow programme.

Endorsed by B&M Care’s Clinical Director Colleen Wood, each session provided residents and staff the opportunity to discuss the group’s Covid-19 Response and our strategic vision moving forward.

In addition to one-to-one signposting and group conversation, each roadshow offered attendees hands-on vocational learning. This included hand hygiene audits and, the most popular experience, a ‘glow germ experiment’: a simple procedure that used a UV blacklight to demonstrate the sticking power of germs on clothes, surfaces, and most importantly, hands.

“As a large care home provider, it was imperative that each of our 1300 employees had an opportunity to develop further understanding around the group’s Covid-19 Response,” said Operations Manager Karen Sweetman.

She continued: “The benefits of delivering this programme face-to-face were vast. We found that staff were engaged, inquisitive, and when completed, we, as the Operations Team, knew that everyone that had attended were reassured and even more confident to providing a safe and meaningful environment for existing residents, as well as new admissions.”

Themes of each Rainbow Roadshow reflected those in B&M Care’s Covid-19 Response, and included: correct use of PPE; Infection Control; Testing; Training; and the protocols around admitting a new resident.

For more information about B&M Care’s Covid-19 Response, please visit our dedicated coronavirus section.

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