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B&M Care Takes Part in ‘100 Care Home Exercise Challenge’

Published date: 14/06/2021 14:12

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Meet the schoolgirl aiming to be the next (mini) Joe Wicks…

Friday 11th June saw B&M Care join 9-year-old fundraiser Heather Bryson as part of her virtual ‘100 Care Home Exercise Challenge’ that united 100 care homes up-and-down the country to take part in a 30-minute workout.

Inspired by the success of her own fitness-focused YouTube channel, Heather has since worked with NHS physiotherapists to curate a low-intensity workout that care home residents can carry out from the comfort of an armchair.

Several B&M Care Homes were delighted to participate in the live-streamed challenge that explored how simple cardiovascular routines can contribute to an individual’s strength, balance and flexibility.

But who is Heather and where did her inspiration come from?

Who is Heather Bryson?

Heather is a 9-year-old from Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire in Scotland who struggled with lockdown, finally finding focus in re-purposing pre-loved chinaware into bird feeders and broken necklaces - later coined as her “Little Lockdown Angels”. Setting up a Facebook page titled ‘Lockdown Crafts by H.’, Heather started selling her ‘angels’ to raise valuable funds for Alzheimer Scotland – the charity where her Mother works as a Link Worker.

To-date, Heather has raised over £1000.

Pictured: Heather with her 'Little Lockdown Angels' [Photo Credit:]

What Inspired the ‘100 Care Home Exercise Challenge’?

Since her initial fundraising efforts, Heather has harnessed her interest in health and wellbeing to create a YouTube channel to share tutored exercises aimed at an older generation. From stretching and standing, to raising arms and pointing toes, Heather’s holistic postings have since garnered both followers and acclaim alike, with a number of organisations reaching out to use her tutorials around the world.

Inspired by Heather's hero, the late Captain Tom Moore, the '100 Care Home Exercise Challenge' set out to collectively unite individuals nationwide and instil the same sense of achievement that Captain Tom felt when he completed his 100 lap target - all whilst celebrating the holistic benefits of simply exercising together.

Heather told The Herald Scotland [June 2021]: “I'm going to be like a mini Joe Wicks and lead a live stream chair exercise session so that the residents can become as fit as my personal hero Captain Tom. The Covid crisis has been difficult for everyone especially people who live in care homes as they have not been able to see their loved ones.”

Pictured: St Leonards Care Home in Aylesbury taking part in the challenge

What’s Next For Heather?
Heather is currently working in partnership with Alzheimer Scotland to develop child-appropriate training sessions to raise further awareness around dementia in a younger generation.
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