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B&M Care Receives Planning Permission For First Pre-Admission Suite

Published date: 14/12/2020 16:03

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B&M Care is delighted to have received planning permission for the group’s first stand-alone pre-admission suite at Ashlyns Care Home in Berkhamsted.

Developed in-line with B&M Care’s Covid Response and Infection Control policies, the facility will welcome new residents for the first 14 days of their long-term or short-stay care, before moving into the main home.

Key highlights of the suite include: a dedicated lounge, kitchen and communal bathroom; four bedrooms (inclusive of an en-suite shower); and one-to-one care and engagement.

“B&M Care is one of the first dementia care providers in the Hertfordshire area to develop such a facility,” said Nicky Cahill, B&M Care’s Head of Operations.

She continued: “We [B&M Care] recognised that we needed to look at personalising the admission process by making it unique, and above all, safe; and for me, now that we have received acceptance of these intentions, proves that the steps we continue to take are valued within our communities."

The proposal of a pre-admission suite was in response to the group’s infection control assurance: a policy that looks at mitigating the risk of Covid-19, whilst provisioning the health, safety and wellbeing of existing residents, staff, and new admissions. B&M Care recognises that provisions of this nature are a vital tool to suppress, stabilise, and ultimately recover from Covid-19 in our communities.

Find out more about B&M Care’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic here.

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