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B&M Care Presents: 'Butterfly Friday'

Published date: 01/05/2020 16:00


Following the success of April’s 'Rainbow Friday' – a group-wide initiative that looked to colourful displays to demonstrate “unity across distance” – Friday 1st May saw B&M Care host another event, titled ‘Butterfly Friday’.

Inspired by our current ‘cocoon state’ – and how, by the end of the unprecedented climate, each of our homes will leave its ‘cocoon’ in a similar way to that of a butterfly – residents and staff (including their children) spent the day offsetting our ‘curbed lifestyles’ with hand-crafted connectedness to once again celebrate the group’s commitment to quality care – and those that deliver it.

Every act – however big or small – continued to spread hope and solidarity in each of the group’s care home communities; reinforcing a collective response to what has been coined a “testing time”.

“Following on from the rainbow theme of hope, Butterfly Friday has been celebrated to symbolise the emergence from our current stage of ‘cocooning’; slowly and carefully moving forward with brightness, colour, and a gentle strength,” said B&M Care’s Engagement & Wellbeing Promoter, Ruth Webster.

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