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B&M Care Launches Debut Podcast Series

Published date: 04/12/2019 13:44

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B&M Care is delighted to announce the launch of the Group’s first series of podcasts, titled “Dementia Care – Our Way”.

Freely available to download on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify, as well as the B&M Care website, each of the six episodes looks at how B&M Care’s ‘Rose Model of Dementia Care’ is embedding best practice across the Group, and improving areas of our business such as Building Design, Compliance and Engagement & Wellbeing.

Each episode works around a single theme and speaks to two or more key people within B&M Care who share their knowledge and expertise to provide insight and analysis around their area of specialism.

Episodes include:

1. Introduction to the Rose Model of Dementia Care

Caroline Inch (Director of Care & Dementia Services) and Elaine Thorpe (Training Manager) introduce the Rose Model of Dementia Care and speak around the motivation for creating it, how it works within a B&M Care Home, and the expected outcomes in enhancing day-to-day care practice.

2. Compliance

Daryl Reading (Compliance Manager) is joined by Caroline Inch to discuss how the Rose Model of Dementia Care influences their approach to compliance and how it is measured at a home level.

3. Operations

Caroline Inch joins Sue Jarvis (Operations Manager) and Ben MacDonald (Digital Marketing Manager) to talk about how the Rose Model of Dementia Care is implemented and measured in a B&M Care Home from an operational perspective.

4. In the Home

Gemma Scott talks about her role as a Home Manager and how is she is leading and facilitating change at a home level, whilst Colleen Wood (Clinical Director) talks about dementia treatment and support from a non-medical perspective.

5. Engagement & Wellbeing

Ruth Webster (Engagement & Wellbeing Officer) and Margaret Daniels (Engagement & Wellbeing Co-ordinator) discuss the differences between ‘activity’ and ‘engagement’, how meaningful occupation can reduce behaviours, and how the Rose Model of Dementia Care is impacting a home’s environments.

6. Buildings

Lee Wood (Development & Facilities Director) and Caroline Inch are joined by Elaine Thorpe to talk about how the Rose Model of Dementia Care is integrated into building design, as well as how B&M Care’s dementia environments compliment the model, plus provide examples of dementia-friendly features across the Group’s portfolio.

B&M Care has launched this podcast series in line with the Group’s commitment to corporate social responsibility: a policy that looks at effectively engaging communities that we operate in with information, events and workshops that provide vocational support and knowledge.

To listen to B&M Care’s ‘Dementia Care – Our Way’, please visit:

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