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B&M Care Introduces: The Hideaway

Published date: 16/12/2020 15:01


B&M Care is delighted to introduce a unique concept presented as part of the group's commitment to supporting the wellbeing of our residents - The Hideaway.

Residing in the grounds of B&M Care Chairman Bill Hughes's family home, The Hideaway is a former guest house that has been tastefully adapted to offer visiting residents a "home away from a care home".

Providing opportunities for calm, relaxation and meaningful recreation through surrounding nature and a warm, welcoming environment, The Hideaway enables residents to be able to get out and experience somewhere different – a particularly important factor in light of external engagement still being significantly restricted.

“Mr Hughes has generously transformed his guest house into a now go-to destination for each of our homes to visit – and I couldn’t be any happier,” said Ruth Webster, B&M Care’s Engagement & Wellbeing Promoter.

She continued: “A number of homes have already visited and to see the sheer joy on a resident’s face is fantastic; and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Visitor Safety

The Hideaway adheres to all Covid-19 protocols set out across the group to ensure a safe environment that mitigates any risk to staff and residents. All visits are limited to one home at any one time, inclusive of social distancing, PPE, and appropriate infection control procedures.

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