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B&M Care: Golden Rose Awards 2022

Published date: 13/06/2022 11:32

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Saturday 11th June saw B&M Care host the group’s second Golden Rose Awards at Shendish Manor Hotel & Golf Course in Apsley, Hertfordshire.

Attended by both Head Office and care home employees, the Awards looked to recognising and rewarding the very best talent across the group, highlighting excellence in care, pride of role, and any outstanding contributions that positively flourish the lives of those in our care.

Each of the eight categories represent all aspects of the group and, aside from the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, were nominated wholeheartedly by staff – and in the case of one award, by residents and their loved ones. Ahead of the ceremony, three finalists were chosen from each category, and along with their respective homes, were invited to attend the evening.

Presented by Director of Organisational Culture Colleen Wood and Development & Facilities Director Lee Wood, the evening announced the following winners…

Golden Rose Award for Colleague You Can’t Be Without

This award recognises an unsung hero that positively impacts the team, leads by example, or puts a spring in your step when you know you are working with them. They never criticise, instead they inspire and motivate. Work would be a lot less fun without them.

Winner: Martin SharpSt Leonards Care Home

Finalists: Nicola Mack – St Lukes Care Home; Yvonne Young – B&M Care Head Office

Golden Rose Award for Outstanding Contribution

This award recognises an individual that has gone above and beyond in their role to positively contribute to the lives of those in their care, to their colleagues, or to the business. Examples would include: taking responsibility over their role; working despite big challenges; giving up their free time; or something else that would not normally be expected from them in their role.

Winner: Margaret GilbertAshlyns Care Home (accepted by Ashlyns Care Home Manager Diane Delicate)

Finalists: Matthew Stock – Milford Lodge Care Home; Michael Swan – The Lodge Care Home

Golden Rose Award for A Person-Centred Moment

This award recognises an individual that has created a moment or moments that celebrate the uniqueness of those in our care.

Winner: Siouxie LiddleClare Lodge Care Home

Finalists: Jackie Bownds – Bury Lodge Care Home; Sarah Farr – The Chadwick Care Home

Golden Rose Award for The Team That Goes Above and Beyond

This award recognises a team that has, in some way, gone the extra mile to fulfil their role. Closely working teams can achieve things a group of individuals working together would not manage. The challenges laid out by the past two years have provisioned many opportunities for teams to work together to solve new problems and overcome challenges we never knew existed.

Winner: Fledglings Nursery

Finalists: St Anns Care Home; Tremona Care Home

Golden Rose Award for Rose Model Ambassador

This award recognises an individual that embraces the principles of B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care by embedding good practice, sharing knowledge, and pioneering culture change towards delivering a holistic lifestyle in a care home environment.

Winner: Ruth Webster – B&M Care Head Office

Finalists: Ella Parker – The Lodge Care Home; Yvonne Moran – St Matthews Care Home

Golden Rose Award for Motivational Leader

This award recognises an individual that can inspire a team to work towards a common goal, whilst cultivating reward, recognition, and above all, energy – even during difficult times. This person may not be in an official leadership position, but they have demonstrated leadership skills and used these skills to enhance the experience of both their colleagues and those in their care.

Winner: Veronica AvwenakeGreenhill Care Home

Finalists: Dennis Annan – Templemore Care Home; Eme Cameron – St Lauras Care Home

Golden Rose Award for Residents and Relatives Choice

Nominated solely by a care home’s residents and/or relatives. Simply put, this award will go to a member of staff who has made a memorable difference to a resident’s or a group of residents’ lives.

Winner: Sarah Beck – The Lodge Care Home

Finalists: Amanda Horobin – Ashlyns Care Home; Pavan Gokanakonda – St Andrews Care Home

Golden Rose Award for Lifetime Achievement

This award recognises an individual or a group of individuals that have achieved excellence in their role over the long-term, showing dedication and loyalty to B&M Care.

Winner: Robert, Trevor, Philip & David Twigg (Head Office – Maynecol Building Division)

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