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B&M Care 'Champions' Staff Wellbeing

Published date: 03/11/2021 14:06


Recognising that a workplace is one of the key settings where action should be taken to improve wellbeing, B&M Care is delighted to announce the launch of the group’s 'Wellbeing Champion' initiative.

Each B&M Care Home now has a designated champion to support, advise and signpost their peers to outcomes that positively improve their health and wellbeing.

Led by B&M Care’s Head of HR Emma Norris, each champion has undertaken dedicated competency-based coaching to apply their learning around mental health and wellbeing to a number of scenarios that they may face within their homes.

Course themes included:

  • Identifying signs and symptoms of stress
  • Stress, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Coping strategies and behavioural management

“In-line with a group-wide focus on supporting the health and wellbeing of our frontline workforce, the primary aim of our wellbeing champions is to provide a ‘listening ear’ and to be a point-of-contact that has the confidence and resources to proactively support other members of staff,” said Emma Norris.

She continued: “As part of the course, I extended my own learning – having recently completed a HCPA course in ‘Resilience Coaching’ – to ‘champion our champions’ and instil the value and benefits of simply talking to one another.”

Each wellbeing champion can offer their support in a number of different ways; some individuals have since set-up scheduled walk-in sessions, whereas others offer round-the-clock availability.

B&M Care’s Wellbeing Champions form part of a wider focus on staff wellbeing. Throughout the summer, Operations Manager Sue Jarvis and once again, Emma Norris, toured around each of our 26 care homes, including the group’s Head Office in Hemel Hempstead, as part of a Wellbeing Roadshow – one that offered face-to-face support and conversation, similar to that of the role our now Wellbeing Champions.

In addition, each member of staff has access to the group’s Staff Wellbeing Support Line where they can call, anonymously, to seek advice, discuss concerns (either personal or work-specific), or to be signposted to further resources.

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