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B&M Care Celebrates 'Arts In Care Homes Day'

Published date: 24/09/2020 13:43

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Thursday 24th September marks the return of National Arts in Care Homes Day to celebrate the importance of creative arts in a care home setting.

Managed by the National Activity Providers Association (NAPA), the initiative, now in its second year, once again continues to advocate the nuanced approach of combining art with a person-centred model of care to primarily improve an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Working under the theme of ‘Creative Communities’, NAPA is encouraging care home providers to reflect on how using the arts during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has rekindled community spirit and flourished a newfound sense of connectedness with those living close by – for example, the nationwide ‘Chase the Rainbow’ campaign that saw an intergenerational display of handmade rainbows colour our communities.

For B&M Care, the creative arts, albeit craft, music, dance or poetry, is commonplace practice – long before the unprecedented climate. The role of ‘being creative’ – however simple or innovative – continues to promote a focus on enrichment where participation is meaningful and environments are enabled through displays and sensory engagement, such as cooking, movement and singing.

“Creativity is the essence of all engagement planning across our care homes, so it is wonderful to see this acknowledged with a dedicated programme to celebrate Arts in Care Homes Day,” said Ruth Webster, B&M Care’s Engagement and Wellbeing Promoter.

B&M Care recognises that the creative arts provide an opportunity for individuals to reignite a past interest, improve their skills in a particular discipline, or to try something new, all whilst stimulating creative thinking and enjoying the social aspect of simply being together. And in addition to this, we believe that regardless of a person’s abilities, everyone should be able to access high quality arts.

Ruth continued: “Resources are freely available for engaging independently or prompted in groups, [because after-all] arts and creativity are inclusive, with no hidden agenda or required outcome; proving the best possible opportunity for person-centred expression.”

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