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With over 40 years experience, B&M Care is a ‘family run business for families’ that boasts a 26 care home portfolio and a long-standing success story where people are the forefront of its person-centred vision. 

B&M Care Careers

A career within social care is simply more than just a job, and whilst its exposure to people, progression and flexibility are often appealing, the principles of delivering exceptional care makes it a rewarding opportunity that flourishes positive difference to an individual’s health and wellbeing.

Working within social care is to work within a diverse environment, one that promotes interest, productivity, and above all, variety. In more practical terms, no one day is ever the same when working in a care home setting – every person or situation you encounter will be uniquely different. But aside from contrasting the repetitive demand of other sectors, the essence of variety inspires long-term opportunity and development, and because of its vocational qualities, many staff learn a lot of what they do through actually doing it. What this means is that social care staff are adaptable, experienced, and equipped with a number of transferable skills to use in other areas of the business – or even in life outside of work.

No one in social care works in isolation – being a member of a care team means that you are part of a community that inspires connections, relationships, and an opportunity to work with like-minded people who share your values and goals.

This essence of collective spirit is what B&M Care proudly promotes in each of our homes. Find out below why we continue to strive to be an employer of choice.

Why Work at B&M Care?

Here at B&M Care, we believe that exceptional care should reflect the everyday rhythms of life, relationships, laughter and hospitality; and by keeping these at the forefront of the group’s aspirational vision, B&M Care has continued to meet and exceed the expectations of those considering us as a care provider.

With over 40 years experience, B&M Care is a frontrunner within the dementia care sector, offering homes of excellence through an enhanced person-centred blueprint and those at the heart of our business – our staff.

From the initial interview through to our care staff training and ongoing development, our guiding principles are what define our staff – and through our robust talent acquisition strategy, B&M Care continues to instil the highest standards of person-centred practice in those who deliver our service.

Coupled with our experience and dedication is one of the sector’s biggest benefits – job satisfaction. Whether physical, social, emotional, or even intellectual, supporting an individual to lead an enabling life of fulfilment is just one of the rewards that B&M Care has to offer. And because we’re part of one of the UK’s biggest sectors, and having pioneered success across almost five decades, job security and long-term employment is another value that we pride ourselves on offering.

Training and Development at B&M Care

As a new starter, B&M Care takes the time to support and nurture your skills, whilst instilling relevant learning across all aspects of a role. Each member of staff undertakes a 12-week induction programme comprising of both mandatory and statutory training. From learning about the theory behind the concept of delivering person-centred care, to applying it within a care home setting, B&M Care strives to empower staff through the knowledge, skills and the confidence needed to fulfil a prosperous career. And beyond this core learning, staff are actively encouraged to diversify their skillset in specialist areas of interest where they can later use this to become a ‘champion’ or as part of their career development.

All training is underpinned by the group’s Rose Model of Dementia Care – a unique model of care that advocates best practice in those who care for those in our homes. Taught as part of our induction programme, as well as refresher training, the model’s objective fosters vocational learning to instil a highly-personalised benchmark in each of our staff.

In addition to our Rose Model of Dementia Care is B&M Care’s Leadership Pathway: an innovative, in-house development programme that accelerates an individual’s skillset to lead and inspire a future generation of B&M Care staff.

“The training and development at B&M Care has consistently given me the skills and confidence to grow within the group. Since joining B&M Care in 2014, the group’s commitment to individual development has seen me flourish success in three care homes, and now at Head Office as part of the Operations Management Team. The Leadership Pathway really supported me in my journey to becoming a Home Manager, and even more so in my current role.”

- Ilona Sukelovic, Operations Manager

Jobs in Our Care Homes

Working at B&M Care offers reward, development, and the unique opportunity to make a positive difference. If you’re new to social care, many opportunities require little-to-no previous experience – and the chance to use many transferable skills from other employment. If you have experience and qualifications, excel your career within care by applying for a senior care, team leader or management opportunity.

Aside from the obvious benefits of supporting and engaging those in our care, B&M Care’s ‘Commitment to You’ includes:

  • Competitive Rates of Pay
  • Flexible Working
  • Recognition and Long Service Awards
  • Enhanced Pay Rates (e.g. Bank Holiday)
  • Access to B&M Care’s Wellbeing Support Line

Equal Opportunities at B&M Care

B&M Care is committed to equality in employment, recognition and reward.

Reflecting the communities that we operate in, B&M Care encourages diversity across all facets of the group, and when recruiting, we assess candidates based on their skills and competencies, irrespective of gender, age, ethnic or national origin, religion, disability, or sexual orientation.

B&M Care has zero tolerance for any form of discrimination; we promote integration, profile fairness, and celebrate an individual’s unique qualities – each of which, we believe, flourishes positive outcomes and workplace satisfaction among our staff.

To-date, our diverse workforce continues to play an integral role in the group’s long-standing success, and by upholding a commitment to simply working together, means that we personally value and encourage each and every one of our staff to leverage their skills into a prosperous career within social care.

An Opportunity Awaits

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