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About Us | B&M Care Homes

With over 40 years experience, B&M Care is a ‘family run business for families’ that boasts a 26 care home portfolio and a long-standing success story where people are the forefront of its person-centred vision. 

About B&M Care

“Let Our Family Care for Your Family”


B&M Care is a private residential and specialist dementia care provider with a current portfolio of 26 care homes in and around the Home Counties.

The Early Years

Raised in Galway, Ireland, B&M Care Chairman Bill Hughes was one of many to emigrate to England, and at just 17 years-of-age, Bill found himself in Manchester working at the Dunlop factory making wellington boots! A year later, around 1958, Bill moved into construction before taking the opportunity to travel the country with two fellow builders, finally arriving at Harlow New Town, Epping Forest District – his first taste of London.

Picking up a local newspaper, Bill found a care home for sale in St Albans, something of great interest because up until then, Bill had never heard of such a property. In 1975, Bill took possession of what would become B&M Care’s first residential care home – Clare Lodge.

Licensed by the commissioning authorities for just £1, the care of the ten residents living there was handed over to Bill – the first of many successes that B&M Care would see over the decades that followed.

Where We Are Today

B&M Care has established a benchmark standard for delivering exceptional care where people are at the centre of what we do.

Operating in four counties – Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire – B&M Care offers 26 homes of excellence, each of which have been developed to reflect the everyday rhythms of life.

Each of our homes offer environments underpinned by comfort, safety, and a discerning design. From carefully chosen colour schemes, signposting and murals, to tasteful furnishings and high-specification facilities – cafes, cinemas, gyms and salons – our environments are proven to positively impact an individual’s health and wellbeing, flourishing fulfilment, purpose, and a renewed sense of enablement.

Underpinned by an aspirational model of care – B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care – each of our homes endorse the notions of being ‘person-centred’, an approach that places considerable influence on our day-to-day practice and how we celebrate individuals as a ‘whole person’. Everything from a home’s activities and engagement, to dining, staff, and standard of care reflects the values and uniqueness of those living in our homes, and through doing so, enables us to do what we do best – care for older people.

Rose Model of Dementia Care

Embedded in every aspect of our homes is our unique dementia blueprint – B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care.

Launched in 2018, our model of care is underpinned by the person-centred approach to care, impressing best practice and an aspiration to excellence through six key principles. Each principle – or ‘petal’ – develops and enhances our approach that works simultaneously with those in our care to empower individuality and flourish compassion and wellbeing.

The Rose Model of Dementia Care is taught alongside a member of staff’s induction and refresher training, a studies-based programme that fosters vocational learning and enhanced understanding of what it means to be person-centred, and how this knowledge can be applied within their home.

With an objective of instilling a highly-personalised approach that supports a bespoke standard of care, our staff continue to implement a multi-layered service that is unique, responsive, and reflective of those in our care.

The Launch of the Virtual Dementia Tour®

As a specialist within the dementia care sector, B&M Care’s knowledge and practice extends beyond the immediacy of our homes with an ongoing commitment to supporting and developing a dementia-friendly community in each of our respective care home locations.

As a means of sharing our knowledge and expertise, throughout a calendar year, B&M Care hosts a number of community events which include, ‘Memory Cafes’ and coffee mornings, care fees surgeries, and the group’s signature ‘Living Well with Dementia’ seminar, as well as Second Wind Dreams® Virtual Dementia Tour®.

Launched in the UK in 2016 at Ashlyns Care Home in Berkhamsted, the Virtual Dementia Tour® offer participants hands-on insight into what it feels like to live with a dementia. Curated through both evidence-based and scientifically proven research, the tour uses patented devices to alter a person’s senses while they carry out a number of everyday tasks and exercises. From this, the tour enables participants to experience for themselves the physical and cognitive challenges that a person living with moderate dementia faces.

The Virtual Dementia Tour® is also offered to all B&M Care staff to compliment the group’s in-house induction and refresher training. Taking part in the tour builds on our staff’s existing knowledge, developing greater understanding around delivering exceptional person-centred care.

Here at B&M Care, we are proud to be at the forefront of the dementia care sector, and with an ongoing commitment to enhancing our care practice, we are proud to be recognised as a chosen provider that makes a positive difference to the lives of those living in our care.

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