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About Us

With over 40 years experience, B&M Care is a ‘family run business for families’ that boasts a 26 care home portfolio and a long-standing success story where people are the forefront of its person-centred vision. 


"A Family Run Business For Families"

B&M Care is a private residential and specialist dementia care provider with a current portfolio of 26 care homes in and around the Home Counties.

Founded in 1975 by B&M Care Chairman Bill Hughes, B&M Care is a ‘family run business for families’ that has established a longstanding success story that continues to develop its person-centred approach to improving the lives of those living with a dementia. With the support of a forward-thinking Board of Directors and Senior Management team, B&M Care has created a benchmark for delivering exceptional care within enabling, high-quality environments, resulting in a strong foothold in the private care sector. 

Delivered in-line with B&M Care’s Rose Model of Dementia Care and overall person-centred ethos is a commitment to upholding a person’s dignity, autonomy and freedom to lead a fulfilling lifestyle through bespoke day-to-day care practice that looks at an individual’s uniqueness, rather than their physical or cognitive capacity. This approach is further complimented with a responsibility to delivering a comprehensive programme of meaningful engagement for the sole purpose of meeting the physical, psychological, social and cultural needs and interests of every individual living in a B&M Care Home. Within each of our homes is a seven-day-a-week engagement schedule comprising of both home-based and in-the-community initiatives to better support a person’s relationship with life both in and outside of their environment.

As a specialist within the dementia care sector, B&M Care’s knowledge and practice extends beyond the immediacy of our homes with an ongoing commitment to developing, supporting, and ultimately sustaining a dementia-friendly community within each of our care home locations. This approach consists of a number of events, including B&M Care’s signature ‘Living Well with Dementia Seminar’ and month-to-month ‘Memory Cafes’, as well as Second Wind Dreams® Virtual Dementia Tour: a ground-breaking experience that was launched in the UK at B&M Care’s Ashlyns Care Home in Berkhamsted in 2016 to offer participants (including B&M Care staff members) insight into what it feels like to live with a dementia. Further to this, B&M Care operates an open-door policy for visitors and family caregivers to seek dementia-specific information to better support them when caring for a loved one living with a dementia at home. 

Here at B&M Care, we are proud to be at the forefront of the dementia care sector, and with an ongoing commitment to enhancing our care practice – whether it’s through continued staff training or embedding innovation at the centre of our approach – we are proud to be recognised as a chosen provider that makes a positive difference to the lives of those living in our care.